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Yanny Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Raise the anchor! We're setting off!
Afternoon By observing the compass and position of the sun, we can determine our bearings on the ocean!
Evening Some fish have scales that glow green at night. The whole ocean sparkles with their luminescence!
Night Listen, that's the sound of the wind. And the snorting of sperm whales.
Main Interface Voice It's said that the human's ancestors reproduced and evolved in the ocean... I'm not sure what that means, though.
Put an empty shell to your ear and listen carefully. You'll hear the sound of waves!
Huh? Professor, did you fall asleep?
We're about to set sail again today, Professor, and you're coming with us on this adventure!
Interactive Voice Huh?
Professor, are you hungry?
Hmm... If you're really bored, I can lend you this conch.
Relationship Dialogues I'm a Doll, but I feel a strong attachment to the ocean. The warmth of the seawater on my skin as I swim between the coral reefs, dancing with schools of fish. There's no better feeling in the world.
... I can't seem to remember anything that happened to my past. Sure, I love the ocean and I know everything about it. But I don't remember anything about my past life. It feels as if all of this was programmed into my brain.
I had a dream. My body was slowly sinking deeper into the ocean, and my vision started to get fuzzy. My body and brain seemed to not belong to me anymore. Someone was sinking with me too. A pure white figure... Just who on earth was that?
In my dream, I did everything I could to look for that white figure, but I could never get a clear glimpse of him. Who was he? And is he the one who made me fall in love with the ocean?
I will not give up until I have an answer. But until then, I should stay alive and live a good life with you and the other Dolls here. I can't experience the beauty of the ocean again if I'm dead, after all. Plus, I want to go on more adventures with you!
Moods Hehe
Accept I understand!
Agree I see!
Appreciate Wow! That's cool!
Feeling Indeed!
Oath Professor, I wonder why you chose me? I can't really figure out such difficult questions... I'm very happy to hear that, though. I'll give you this conch to commemorate our oath. I put a lot of work into it, so it sounds extra nice when you blow into it!
Obtain It's me, Yanny! By the way Professor, have you ever seen the ocean?
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough My body is much more agile!
Neural Expansion You can't catch a fish with brute force. Skills and luck are also important.
Max Neural Expansion
I can fight a sperm whale among the raging waves like Captain Ahab!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Yanny here. I'm ready to go!
Battle Start Let's move!
Ultimate Skill From the depths of hell, I stab at thee!
MVP1 Beat the waves!
MVP2 I'm the child of the ocean.
Retreat My soul is returning to the ocean...
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas It's a freshly caught salmon. Fillet it then bake in the oven with lemon, basil, cream, and potatoes. Serve it with some liquor or juice, and you have a great Christmas dinner. I'll pass on the white beer, though.
Halloween Whoa! I-it's a seagull?? Why would someone dress up as a seagull on Halloween? How bizarre is that?!
New Year Professor, do you have any New Year's plans or resolutions? As for me... I want to meet the legendary narwhals! They're like unicorns in that they bring us good luck!
Tanabata Hmmm... what is everyone else doing on Tanabata? Let's blow a conch shell together, Professor. Then it will feel like we're at sea.
Valentine Have you ever had chocolate-flavored takoyaki? You haven't? Hehehe... Ta-da! I've got plenty of them here, so don't be shy! Just put some chocolate sauce and sprinkles on it instead of mayo and bonito flakes! Heehee! Here you go, try it out!
Player's Birthday How are you going to spend your birthday? Wanna go sailing with me? Or we could eat grilled fish on the beach.