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Voice Actor:Horie Yui

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General info[edit]

Also known as: Horie Yoshiko, Hocchan, アイス, Kurobara Hozonkai, Yuiel

  • Given name: 由衣 (Yui)
  • Family name: 堀江 (Horie)
  • Birthday: Sep 20, 1976
  • Birthplace: Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan

A Japanese Seiyuu, her real name is 堀江 由子 (Horie Yoshiko), and she is nicknamed "Hocchan" by her Japanese fans. Amongst her long anime voice acting career, her notable work includes Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina, Izayoi Riko/Cure Magical's speaking voice from Witchy PreCure!, Multi from To Heart, Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Nepgear/Purple Sister from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Ai from Dōbutsu no Mori, Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon, Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight, Hanyuu from Higurashi When They Cry , Miss Monochrome from Miss Monochrome, Minori Kushieda from Toradora!, Tsubasa Hanekawa in Monogatari, Chie Satonaka in Persona 4, Kōko Kaga from Golden Time, and Wiz from KonoSuba. Hanekawa Tsubasa from Monogatari series, Kushina Anna from K and as Charlés from Fairy Tail Sasaki Saren from Princess Connect . Other than her work as a CV, Yui is also a singer who published 6 musical albums as well as being the founder of J-Pop group Aice⁵.

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Horie Yui worked on following T-Dolls[edit]

Girls' Frontline[edit]

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Neural Cloud[edit]

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Horie Yui worked on following other characters[edit]

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