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NS2000 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition こんにちは指揮官、ネオステッド2000っす!どう?私のこと気に入ってくれた?Play 'Sup, Commander! I'm NeoStead 2000! So, do you like me?
Secretary 今回の特訓も順調っすね!次はもっと重さを増やしてみよう!Play That training went as smoothly as ever! Think I'll use more weight next time!
今日は甘いカレーにしようか、辛いカレーにしようか……もう、いいや!両方にする!Play Hmm, should I have mild curry or spicy curry? ...Argh, whatever! I'll just have both!
どう?この生き生きとした肌!全部特訓のおかげっす!Play How do you like my smooth, shiny skin? It's all thanks to my training!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, do you want mild or spicy curry today? ...Oh, hurry up and choose!
Commander, I think it'd be better if I practiced for something like this beforehand... err, not that I need any time to think about it! If it's you, Commander, I can only think of one response!
Greeting 指揮官、特訓始めようか!Play Commander, let's get to training!
T-Doll Produced ふへへ~どんな人形になるんだろう?Play Fuhehe... wonder what kinda doll it'll be!
Joining an echelon どの位置でもOKっす!任せて!Play I'm fine with any position! Leave it to me!
Enhancement えへへ~こりゃまた新記録出せそうっす!Play Ehehe! Bet I can break my old record now!
Dummy-linking こりゃ練習量も増やさないと!Play I better start training even more!
Logistics (start) これも訓練の一種っすね!Play This is just another form of training!
Logistics (end) まだまだやれるっす!続けますか?Play I still have way more left in me! Wanna keep going?
Autobattle この戦い、私に任せるっす!Play You can leave this to me!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 今こそ特訓の成果を見せる時っす!Play Time to show off the fruits of my training!
Starting a battle ターゲット発見!Play Target sighted!
Skill activation 相手になってあげるっす!Play I'll be your opponent!
勝つのは私っす!Play I'll be the winner!
さっさと始末するっす!Play I'll take you out real quick!
Heavily damaged うわぁっ!なんという勢い……この私が……Play Whoa! Such strength... even I...
Retreat うぅっ……撤退の訓練は、この時のためっすね……Play Urgh... I guess this is where my withdrawal training comes into play...
MVP えへへ!今回の勝利、新記録出せたっすか?Play Ehehe! Did I set any new records with that victory?
Restoration 日頃の訓練、怠けたかな……Play Did I slack off on my usual training...?
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 幽霊と怪獣の変装、どっちにしよう?いっそ怪獣の幽霊にするとか?Play I can't decide between dressing up as a ghost or a monster... should I dress up as a monster's ghost?
Christmas 私の実家では、クリスマスは一番暑い時期っす!だからサンタさんもあんなに暑い服着てこないっす!あははは!Play Back home, Christmas happens during the hottest time of the year, so Santa doesn't wear those super hot clothes! Hahaha!
New Year's Day 指揮官、今年の特訓スケジュールっすよ!一応指揮官の分も用意したっす!一緒に頑張ろう!


Shikikan, here's my training regimen for the next year! I made one for you, too! Let's give it our all together!
Valentine's day 指揮官、これ食べてみて?カレー味のチョコっす!……いや、チョコ味のカレーかな?


Give this a taste, Commander! It's curry-flavored chocolate! ...Or is it chocolate-flavored curry?
Tanabata どの願い事を書けばいいかさっぱりっす!どうせ書くなら、願い事全部叶えてくださいって書こうかな?


I have no idea what to wish for! I guess if I'm gonna write something, how about... "I wish for everyone's wishes to come true"!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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