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MP-446 Story Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Story Involvement[edit]


"This is classified information!"

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Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

P7 was making another fuss with her mischief. She happily claimed that she has found MP446's embarrassing secret and told her other teammmates, C96 and M1919A4. P7 found out that MP-446 was afraid of dark after pulling out a prank on her by turning off the storeroom light that made her cry loudly and bang the door.

The two started to tease MP-446 as well but she denied their accusation. P7 challenged MP-446 to prove that she wasn't afraid of dark. MP-446 hesitated at first, but the continuous teasing of her teammates made her accept P7's challenge. P7 grinned and told her there was a suitable spot for this and told the others to sneak together there during the night.

They arrived at the promised time and place, in front of an unlabelled thick door somewhere in the abandoned city. P7 said that she found it some time during a mission. Everyone but MP-446 got excited and together they opened the door up and told her to go in. MP-446 hesitated at first but her teammates said that they will be waiting for her here. Finally, MP-446 went in and the door closed.

It's so dark inside it made MP-446 scared. She wanted to go back but realised that P7 definitely waited for her to come back in tears. Determined, MP-446 muster up her courage and explored the dark warehouse with her torch. She opened room by room until she arrived at the end of the passage. To her surprise, the last room was filled with so many dummy bodies. She approached and inspected one of the dummy, until she frightened by the manufacturer label, Sangvis Ferri.

Stage 2[edit]

Knowing the potential danger, MP-446 thought that she should go back and warn the others. Suddenly, there were voices that belong to two persons approaching the room. They talked about Griffin's dolls, and their battle summary, and their plan to activate those dummies. The voices that belong to Scarecrow and Executioner continued talking, and it was revealed that the underground warehouse was an old storage that there were goliath bombs stored in there as well.

MP-446 racked her brain and came up with a plan to detonate the entire place using the goliath. MP-446 searched and found the room, which filled by goliath painted in red. Unfortunately, the two Sangvis ringleaders already found her. Scarecrow tried to grab her but got hit by a goliath that MP-446 throwed. Using the opening, MP-446 ran into the middle of goliath and threaten them to even dare to open fire at her. Scarecrow resorted to use her bare hands but MP-446 throwed more goliath at her.

Stage 3[edit]

Scarecrow threaten MP-446 by saying that her action brought danger to her teammates. The activation process of the dummies was near complete, and Scarecrow gave MP-446 final warning to get out from there. MP-446 told her that she won't let any of her teammates got hurt and stubbornly clinged to her plan. But Scarecrow attacked from behind and she fell to the floor. At the same time, the dummies activated succesfully, but to the ringleaders surprise, one of the goliath activated as well and locked on to MP-446. MP-446 smiles that her plan worked even if it cost her life. The goliath began its countdown and Sangvis ringleaders ran away to escaped the warehouse.

In her final moment, MP-446 feels like someone was lifting her body, and the explosion could be hear in the distance. Turned out that it was M1919A4 that carried MP-446 from the underground warehouse and she urged C96 to take out emergency repair kit. C96 said that they didn't came here to fight so there's none available. MP-446 surprised by the turn of event and P7 revealed that they were tailing MP-446 all the time and hid behind the dummies. They got back to the base and report everything to the Commander.

Stage 4[edit]

Somewhere in the base, MP-446 showed off her new body and gears that replaced her previously broken mainframe to her teammates. She claimed that she has conquered the darkness now. P7 came with another challenge, but MP-446 refused it by saying the she didn't want to put her teammates into danger. MP-446 suggested that they could do the courage test in the big storeroom, but P7 refused by saying that it's no fun doing it in their own base.