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MP-446 Story Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Story Involvement[edit]


"This is classified information!"

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Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

The story begins with a mischievous HG P7Thumb button.pngP7  boasting to her squadmates HG C96Thumb button.pngC96  and MG M1919A4Thumb button.pngM1919A4  that she knows MP-446’s “embarrassing secret”. She reveals MP-446 is deathly afraid of the dark, something P7 discovered after pranking MP-446 by turning out the lights in a storeroom. Her extreme reaction to the mild prank led P7 to conclude that MP-446 had Nyctophobia.

Following this, C96 and M1919A4 began to tease MP-446. MP-446 denies that she is afraid of the dark, something which P7 challenges her to prove. MP-446 hesitantly accepts the challenge. P7 grins, telling the group of a place suitable for the challenge, instructing them to sneak there during the night.

The group arrives at a thick, unmarked door in a ruined city. P7 explains that she found it while on a mission, however hadn’t explored it. MP-446’s challenge was to explore whatever was behind the door alone. The other dolls excitedly open the door and usher MP-446 inside. MP-446 is only able to muster the courage to explore the darkness beyond the door because she knew P7 would be waiting for her to return in tears. Armed with nothing more than a flashlight, she presses onward, exploring each room in the long hallway until she reaches the end. In the final room, she discovers a number of dummy bodies. Inspecting them, she realizes they were manufactured by Sangvis Ferri.

Stage 2[edit]

Following the unsettling discovery, MP-446 attempts to return to the others and report her findings. However, she suddenly nears voices from down the hall, voices she identified as belonging to Scarecrow and Executioner. The two were discussing Griffin T-Dolls, combat, and a plan to use the dummy bodies for an attack on Griffin. Furthermore, they revealed that a number of Goliath robots were also being stored in the warehouse. The two pass by the room she hid in, leaving MP-446 alone for the time being.

MP-446, thinking she could utilize the kamikaze robots to destroy the warehouse, searches for the Goliaths the two Sangvis Ferri robots mentioned. She manages to find the room, however in doing so Scarecrow and Executioner discover her. The two Sangvis Ferri attempt to engage the unarmed T-Doll, however MP-446 is able to place a number of Goliath between herself and the two ringleaders, daring them to shoot her. Scarecrow attempts to apprehend MP-446 by hand, however the T-Doll keeps her at bay by throwing Goliath towards her.

Stage 3[edit]

Scarecrow tells MP-446 that she was only putting her teammates in danger, the dummies were almost activated, and that her efforts were in vain. The stubborn MP-446 refused to give up. In time the robots activate, including the Goliaths. One of the explosive robots target MP-446, and begins to countdown it's detonation timer. Scarecrow and Executioner, realizing the T-Doll’s plan, ran out of the room and escaped the warehouse.

Somehow, MP-446’s body survives the explosion. M1919A4, P7, and C96 (who had all followed MP-446) salvage her body from the wreckage. They are unable to repair the T-Doll as they didn’t take a repair kit with them (they hadn't thought they would get in a fight), forcing M1919A4 to carry the broken MP-446 back to base to repair her and report their findings.

Stage 4[edit]

While being repaired, MP-446’s mainframe was largely replaced with newer technology. She shows her new self to her teammates, and claims to have conquered her fear of the dark. P7 offers her another challenge to prove it, however MP-446 refuses, not wanting to put her teammates in danger again. P7 notes that they could use a dark storeroom on base, however MP-446 claims that it wouldn’t be as much fun.