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M1911 Story Quotes

"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Story Involvement[edit]


"This is classified information!"

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M14 Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

She appeared in M14's digimind upgrade story as one of the senior member of Thompson's squad. She consoled and lent M14 an ear when her junior, M14 is feeling down and lost her self confidence because Thompson never let her partake in any mission and always screwed up in her logistic mission.

Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

The story started with M1911 looking at her latest combat data. She determined to improve her result even for just a little next month so she can make the Commander happy. M9 came and asked M1911 what was she doing. Being impatient, M9 snatched M1911's combat data and mocked her for having a worse result. The two began to mock each other and arguing which one of them were more popular with the Commander.

Thompson showed up and interrupted their catfight. She told the two to wait for official results and said that firepower isn't everything. M9 left and M1911 thanked Thompson for helping her again. Thompson told her to find a way to settle their difference ASAP otherwise it would impede their upcoming mission.

Stage 2[edit]

Thompson was briefing her team about their mission. Their mission this time was to escort the Commander. M9 wanted to but Thompson gave M1911 the order to stay beside Commander while the rest of the team will take point and clearing the trash. The two started arguing again and Thompson told them to settle their difference in the training ground.

M1911 beat M9 and as always, the two began arguing again. M9 left and Thompson came, saying that they failed to settle it again this time. Even though she was victorious, M1911 admitted that she was just winning against M9 by a hair breadth. Thompson told her to put more effort, otherwise the young will look down on her again.

Stage 3[edit]

M1911 and M9 were carrying out their mission, but got separated and lost contact with the rest of them team. Sangvis troops got them cornered but they still had the time to argue. M1911 told M9 that they needed to get through this situation first and continue their argument later.

They blowed a gas station up to make a distraction, though M9 was uncertain if the plan would really work. An hour later, they managed to get to rendezvous point and Thompson remarked that they would missed the train home if they were late by 10 more minutes. They made it to the base safely and M9 thanked M1911 for today's mission. Though their rivalry was still continue whether which one of them would succeed in stealing the Commander's heart.

Stage 4[edit]

M1911 was delivering the combat reports just for Commander to be surprised with her new look. Commander gave her praise, and M1911 teased the Commander in return. M1911 stated her determination to be always by Commander side.