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Honey Badger/Story

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Honey Badger Story Quotes

Story Involvement[edit]

A T-doll servicing G&K main forces, a side character in the latest event Singularity. Singularity is a series of highly detailed story told by different routes describing a chaotic crossfire conflict between G&K, Sangvis Ferri, SOCOM, Defiance and 404. Honey Badger only had minor interactions with the Commander's forces during the hidden level of chapter 2: Survivor. The event of Survivor happened somewhere in between 0030 to 0150 hour.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.


Badger was among the G&K T-doll units of G&K, she was part of the joint operation with SOCOM in attempt to annihilate Master mind. With the chaotic turn of events of Singularity, she was temporarily assigned under the Commander's forces. She was assigned on a covert reconnaissance mission in attempt to secure a supply route to the front line fighting forces

Badger contacted the Commander as he/she was being briefed by MG HK21HK21HK21, HK21 reports her sister AR G3G3G3's echelon is fighting against vast amount of Ferri and their reinforcements, they requested a supply line to be established, to have their position resupplied and relief their pressure. Badger who was scouting in the region reported that Ferri have also engaged in combat with the SOCOM units, to ensure the operation success, the Commander must avoid confronting the SOCOM armor units.

HK21 comments on the situation just gotten more dire, but for the sake of her sister the supply line must be maintained. Badger reminded HK21 to pick her up on the field when the units are passing by.

"As long as G3 sis is safe, the others can do what they want..." - HK21

"Wait, what did you say?" - Badger

"I'm joking. This is an emergency situation after all, we have to work together if we want to survive... Probably..." - HK21

After hearing the sightly discouraging speech from HK21, Badger stated she will assist the Commander to her best ability, she showed off her admirable morale and encouraged all the T-dolls on the channel right before the mission began.