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Griffin Memories/Operation Starchaser

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Griffin Recollection C123.jpeg

Featured T-Doll[edit]

Dream Astralite Reward[edit]

Point Reward Image Details
50 Nova Cap

Commander customization
C123 Cosmetic.png A baseball cap intended to commemorate a now-defunct aerospace agency.
150 Outer Polaris

Furniture (wall)
C123 Furniture.png A publicity poster for a certain movie. Some say it is a movie telling the truth about astronomers, while others say it is a love story with a sci-fi veneer.
250 Pole Star Image

ID card background
C123 Cardbackground.png Shining memories will never fade, just like the signature she left on this poster.
400 Galactic Pledge

Union skill
Bondskill.png AR AK-AlfaThumb button.pngAK-Alfa : When in the same echelon as M82, the latter's normal attacks deal +10% extra damage to enemies in front of herself.
AR M82Thumb button.pngM82 : M82's front is now counted as AK-Alfa's front.
500 High Speed Flutter

Union skill
Bondskill.png HG Grizzly MkVThumb button.pngGrizzly MkV : Grizzly's skill effect increased by 10% on herself and PzB39.
RF PzB39Thumb button.pngPzB39 : When in the same echelon as Grizzly MkV, aiming time is reduced by 1 second and number of charge per second is increased by 2.