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Fresnel Profile Quotes


OSRA, 42Lab's Doll specializing in optics research, is the most expensive Doll model to date. Its high-performance optical sensor is priced as much as all of the Doll's components combined. The cost of additional equipment based on their specialty only makes the cost even more immeasurable.

Fresnel, as a core member of 42Lab, has been chosen for Project Neural Cloud alongside other team members.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Unlike other introverted researchers, Fresnel is more candid, particularly when it comes to her area of expertise. Blunt and straightforward, she would never sidestep an issue to avoid offending a friend or coworker. She consistently brings the issue to their attention. Many dislike Fresnel because of this, and even accuse the entire line of OSRA Dolls of being overly arrogant.

Fresnel is unconcerned by the gossip and has no plans to defend herself or anyone else.

"This is a research facility. We're here to study science, not to sing praises for each other. What kind of research results will one attain if they can't even admit their errors?"
—42Lab Administration Interview Records

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Fresnel's first task was to work with Ultimate Life on cellular surgery. Ultimate Life wanted Fresnel to improve control precision with the existing optical tweezers so that they could modify the cells more precisely.

However, Fresnel's device was unable to meet the required specifications. She needed to seek assistance from other optical Dolls. Her plea was denied, as expected, but she was not upset. Instead, she simply went ahead to apply for official funding. Meanwhile, she began working on her Plan B. She was prepared to change the subject of her research if the funding was rejected by the lab.

In the end, Fresnel finished her research on her own. In her thesis acknowledgment, she even credited a coworker's theory for inspiring her. That certain coworker had previously denied Fresnel's request.

Since then, everyone started to see Fresnel in a new light. She doesn't intend to hurt others, but she merely wishes to stay true to herself.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Fresnel is entirely different outside of work. Dressed casually, she surrounds herself with vintage items such as lemon soda, antique cameras, vinyl records, and so on. When she is not working, these are her favorite pastimes. She looks like a traveler from the 1980s, rather than a scientist.

A female colleague once came to Fresnel during off-hours with some work-related questions. But before she could ask, Fresnel swept her into a dance and then dragged her out the door, leaving said coworker dumbfounded.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Fresnel has a number of unusual hobbies, one of which is collecting gems and crystals. Some people call her a dragon because she is strong and tough at work, and likes to guard shiny gemstones outside of work, implying that she is the greedy sort.

Little do they know that Fresnel's passion has nothing to do with money. She collects jewels because she is fascinated by the vivid reflection of light through crystals. While she could use professional instruments to adjust colors and lighting as she wishes, there's just a certain feeling one gets from holding these jewels in your hands and fiddling with them casually.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After her arrival at the Oasis, Fresnel thought that it would take a long time for others to accept her for who she was. So, at first, she only stayed close to Hubble. But, much to her surprise, her outspoken personality is highly popular here, and she quickly made a lot of friends.

Fresnel spends a lot of her leisure time polishing crystals and making them into accessories to give to her friends.