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Fresnel Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Good morning. The weather is nice today.
Afternoon Play The afternoon sun is quite hot. Would you like some ginger ale with lemon and mint?
Evening Play The veil of darkness descends.
Night Play Pulling all-nighters is bad for your skin. Well, I guess it can't be helped if you have unfinished work to do...
Main Interface Voice Play Shine some light on a crystal and you will see its unique beauty that lies in purity and perfection, without any flaws or stains.
Play It's nice to get some sunbathing during work. Film camera, soda, 48 color nail polish set, and my sunglasses. These are all my must-haves.
Play Your sleeping posture is worse than I expected.
Play I've made new progress in my optical research. Would you like to take a look?
Interactive Voice Play To what do I owe the pleasure?
Play Please don't touch my accessories without asking.
Play Vandalism is unforgivable.
Relationship Dialogues Play When it comes to the concept of beauty, Dolls have our own perceptions and ideals just like humans. We can choose to dedicate our lives to the pursuit of beauty as well. I would hate to be perceived as boring just because I'm always working in a lab.
Play Hmm? So you're buying me a drink? Well, I suppose I have no reason to say no... But just so you know, I never touch alcohol. A cup of ginger ale with lemon and mint would be good for me. I enjoy how it's brightly colored and tastes like summer.
Play Don't get me wrong, I'm not a frivolous moneygrubber. I collect crystals and gems simply out of my admiration of beauty. Plus, it's not unrelated to my research... Sorry, I got distracted. I don't like talking about my work outside the lab.
Play Light is supposed to disperse the darkness and bring happiness to the people. And yet, when I realized that my work was being used on the battlefield, to kill people... It was a hard pill for me to swallow, if I'm being honest.
Play I know I told you the reason why I don't want to go into detail, but I just don't want you to take it personally, it's just... Anyway, forget about what I said earlier. For now, let's just turn on the gramophone and enjoy some music. All the vinyl records in here are part of my personal collection. These are all decades old, though still in perfect condition.
Moods Play Hehe.
Play Eh?
Play Oh...
Accept Play I understand.
Agree Play I agree.
Appreciate Play Well then.
Feeling Play Okay.
Oath Play I respect you being honest and open with me. Exchanging vows with someone who shares the same interests might be the best decision for us both. From now on, we will face the future together... I like the sound of that.
Obtain Play I am Fresnel, an expert in optical physics from 42Lab.
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play Attack efficiency has been improved.
Neural Expansion Play Cutting-edge equipment requires someone who knows how to handle it. There's no one better suited to this than myself.
Max Neural Expansion
Play Nothing in this world matches the speed and power of light. On the other hand, we could have a miracle on our hands if these two factors are somehow combined.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Waiting for your order, Professor.
Battle Start Play My optical lens has been adjusted.
Ultimate Skill Play Fire at full power!
MVP1 Play Mission complete.
MVP2 Play I'll disperse the darkness for you.


No way. It shouldn't end for me like this...


Leave it to me.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play It's Christmas Eve. How about the two of us go shopping together? I enjoy walking in the dim city lights.
Halloween Play Halloween treats? Those are for kids. Why don't we do something more romantic, like playing an old vinyl record inside a dimly lit room? Perhaps that will scare a naughty kid or two... Uh, let's refrain from playing horror movies, though...
New Year Play For New Year's Day, I made you this crystal pendant. If you wear it you're sure to find happiness.
Tanabata Play This theater-sized planetarium hologram is composed of lenses made of high purity glass, crystals, a gyroscope, and an independent power supply system. It creates a galaxy-like dreamy scenery, even outdoors. That's all for the introduction. So, what do you think of it?
Valentine Play Here's a box of handmade chocolates I ordered from Switzerland. It only comes in two flavors, but the taste and design are second-to-none. As for the price... Don't worry about that. Just take it.
Player's Birthday Play A birthday gift for you should match your status as a matter of course. This finely carved gemstone jewelry should be good. Well... If you are still not happy with that, it's not like I can't stay with you, just for a little while.