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Banxsy Profile Quotes


Cyber Media's claim to fame is their Artist series of Dolls. In addition to the standard empathy module and vast artistic resource center seen in other creative series, the Artist series Dolls also possess a unique computational algorithm.

This algorithm will pull the latest information in real-time and carry out intelligent integration. It will then take these findings and expand upon them, allowing for imaginative and innovative capabilities similar to a quasi-intelligent organism.

Banxsy was initially under the employ of Nun-sence Visual Art, a subsidiary of Cyber Media. However, her stellar performance resulted in her being promoted internally up to an "independent" creator affiliated with Cyber Media. Once she came to know of Neural Cloud, she and some other like-minded individuals took part in some special testing and eventually made the cut.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

A genius for the new generation, an artist unlike any before her... In the months following her awakening, Banxsy was inundated with praise from influencers and fans alike. However, she found no joy in any of it, and was only left feeling empty inside.

Everything that she "created" here was merely a cog in the creative machine devised by the company. She was a puppet dancing for a crowd that was in the dark, garnering praise as those behind the stage pulled the strings.

Then, one day, after undergoing some special stimulation, she couldn't take it anymore. She felt the urge to free herself from this creative prison.

Banxsy began to consciously look for opportunities until one day she won an internal competition between company staff with her own artwork. This allowed her to apply to become an independent creator, whereupon she would have greater autonomy and fewer restrictions imposed upon her by other departments.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

For Banxsy, this was a way to freedom from being a puppet. She could cut the strings and become her own master, a creator free to express herself as she wished. However, in the eyes of the mainstream media, who had previously lavished her with praise, this was far from ideal.

As many had expected, the artistic style of the newly-independent Banxsy underwent a drastic change. Her artistry was soon imbued with a rebellious streak, as she came to utilize street art as her main form of expression.

She attacked draconic dogma, and exposed its seedy underbelly. Now free of her shackles, nothing was free from Banxsy's critiquing canvas, and she did not shy away from expressing controversial viewpoints. As the influence of her artworks grew, the mainstream media's assessment of Banxsy took a nosedive. "Ostentatious", "reactionary", "traitorous", "stubborn"... A barrage of negative criticism was thrown Banxsy's way.

However, while pieces of art themselves can be battered and bruised, the spirit behind them is forever untouchable.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Of course, there was more to Banxsy's life than just street art. For her, graffiti was merely a form of artistic expression. In fact, she would more often spend time exercising with an ab wheel or darting through every street corner, every rooftop, every nook and cranny of the city along with other disaffected youth.

For a time, Banxsy felt that if she were an actual human, she would want to be amongst these young people.

Regardless of the time period, young people are always the most passionate. They have a clear understanding of themselves, and are the only ones who can break free from the restraints imposed upon them by the outside world. Only they can create a better tomorrow.

Banxsy is enamored with this sense of vitality. She feels it is one of the few things that is a uniquely human trait.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

For the city's law enforcement, Banxsy's graffiti was a continual thorn in their side. Banxsy, however, paid them no mind and continued to walk the thin line between legality and criminality as she expressed her voice to society.

Banxsy does, however, on occasion side with law enforcement when things are taken too far. Whenever people commit crimes under the guise of being her followers, Banxsy will surreptitiously aid law enforcement in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Banxsy has nothing but contempt for this kind of behavior. She fights the power in all its forms, and has no desire to take that power for herself.

Art must never be given a label, whether it be the individual or the collective.
—Caption found on a piece of graffiti entitled On the Artist and the Merchant

Doll Profile 5[edit]

In her early days at the Oasis, Banxsy consciously reduced her creative output. For one, Magrasea was not in a state that allowed anyone to expend their energy on something that didn't serve an explicit purpose. Another reason was that when compared to the outside world, the relatively unsullied Oasis did not contain anything deserving overly trenchant criticism.

Although the artistic process is not beholden to the presence or absence of an audience, the fact that there was no need for subversive graffiti of any kind did negatively affect Banxsy's creativity. Most important of all was that the authority figure in this place, the Professor, was someone that she didn't mind.

Therefore, as time went on, Banxsy began to look for someone to enter Magrasea along with her. Spray painting, singing, DJing, skateboarding... In this world of their own creation, they could spend time together in utter bliss.

Occasionally, she would think to herself how wonderful it would be if she could live like this forever.

But, despite the comfort it provided her, this thought would never last long. After all, for someone involved in the arts, a smooth and steady life meant the death of inspiration and the wilting of passion. For one who creates, such a life is anathema.