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Abigail Story Profile Quotes


MCDT, the model of dog-training Dolls developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. They are marketed to military or civilian organizations, or rented to individual clients with dog-training needs, depending on the sub-model.

All MCDT Dolls are experienced dog behaviorists. Aside from various training skills, they also have basic veterinary knowledge and can provide first aid to pets.

Abigail is a customized Doll for the security department of Svarog Heavy Industries. She was added to the Project Neural Cloud enlistment list due to her outstanding performance.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

When compared to other trainer dolls' severe dispositions, Abigail is more like an XL-sized dog than a human due to a potential fault somewhere in her neural cloud settings or coding logic. She is warm, hyperactive, and extremely obedient, much like a cheerful dog.

Most significantly, she was very concerned with what others think on the cat-dog comparison, bothering others with questions like, "Which is cuter, cats or dogs?" After getting to know her, her colleagues in the security department started jokingly referring to her as Big Puppy. Instead of being irritated, she took to it, and would even answer with several barks when she felt like it.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Abigail has trained a wide range of dogs, most of which have come from the police force, customs, rescue organizations, or other government agencies. As the official dog trainer of Svarog Heavy Industries' Security Department, she seldom handles requests from private clients, so each one makes a lasting impression on her.

The clients she detests the most are those who want their dogs to be trained for competition as dogs are merely a means to an end for most of them, if not all. It makes no difference to them whether the dogs are wounded or not as long as they are properly trained.

Yet, Abigail cannot say no to those requests. All she can do is be as gentle as possible.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Abigail's relationship with dogs is similar to that of a teacher and her students, who send off one batch of graduates after another. She prefers to be referred to as a dog trainer rather than a dog tamer.

Abby was the dog who had stayed with Abigail the longest. After properly training Abby, Abigail learned that its owner had left the world, and promptly chose to adopt it.

They'd been living together for several years, very much like a family. Abby had become a part of Abigail's life. But, in comparison to Abigail, Abby's lifespan was far too short, and she was already past her prime when they met.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Abigail keeps a large collection of iron rings at her house, which she hangs with the name tags of all the dogs she has ever taught.

It serves no practical function. Unless the hardware is broken, all audio, video, and images on Dolls can be preserved indefinitely as long as their memories are not removed.

However, Abigail continues to keep her memories in this manner. Each time she strokes the etched markings on the name tags, she experiences a complex emotion that no audio or film could ever convey to her.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Despite her love in the contrast of cats and dogs, Abigail does not find cats repulsive. After meeting Betty through Project Neural Cloud, they even became best friends, to the point they're almost inseparable.

Abigail is deeply sympathetic to what happened to Betty. Despite their squabbles, she always makes a compromise whenever they have a disagreement. Dogs and cats, she believes, both deserve to be loved. She already favors dogs at work, so giving Betty a few nods here and there isn't too hard to accept.