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January 10th

10:00 GMT+8 ~ 16:00 GMT+8

Dear players, a 6 hour scheduled server maintenance will take place on the 10th of January 2018, lasting from 10:00 AM til 4:00 PM. Access to the server will be denied while maintenance is ongoing, maintenance duration is subject to extension or shortening depending on work progress.

Patch notes as following:

  1. Event: Christmas Event Candy Magic Festival will come to an end. Boss maps of Chapter's 1 ~ 6 will no longer drop Candy Canes.
  2. Event: Event Shop will remain open till January 17th 23:59 for those to spend their remaining Candy Canes on any item's they've yet to obtain. Candy Canes will be FORFEIT upon the Event shop's closure, so spend them all when you can.
  3. Event: Both the 2018 and 2017 Christmas Procurement Pool's will come to an End, White tickets obtained throughout the 2018 pool will be converted to Procurement Tokens at a 1.1 ratio. Costumes from the 2017 pool will be taken out of the Radiant Collection and their furniture sets will return to their normal obtain rates following the end of this maintenance.
  4. New: The New Years Shrine Visit Procurement pool will begin! Contents and duration will be as follows:
    • AR Howa Type 64Thumb button.pngHowa Type 64  - "New Year's Prayer" (Live2D)
    • AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB  - "New Year's Game Master"
    • RF Carcano M91∕38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91∕38  - "Insegui l'aquilone (Chase the Kite)"
    • AR AS ValThumb button.pngAS Val  - "Dream Fireworks"
    • MG Type 62Thumb button.pngType 62  - "New Year's Garden Party"
    • Procurement Duration: 10th January 16:00 ~ 27th January 23:59
  5. New: 3 new costume Bundles will be available for purchase in Kalina's shop. Pricing's and Content can be viewed here.
    • Sales Duration: 10th January 16:00 ~ 27th January 23:59.
  6. New: Procurement Pool "Idol Music" will have both their costumes and furniture sets added to the Radiant Collection as well as the Black Card Store following the end of this Maintenance.
  7. Fix: SMG P90Thumb button.pngP90 's Skill conflicting with AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 -MOD2's ally count requirement on her MOD2 Passive.
  8. Improvements: Improved SMG Type 100Thumb button.pngType 100 's interactions with certain furniture pieces.

Maintenance will shut-down the on-going combat mission session.

Maintenance compensation: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500

-MICA Team 9th of January 2k18.