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Nyto Black

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Nyto Black Assimilated Quotes
Full name Nyto Black
Affiliation Paradeus
Voice actor Satou Rina
Released on CN(涅托 黑), TW (涅托 黑), KR (검은 니토), EN (Nyto_Black), JP (ネイト(黑))
Chibi animation

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The lowest Nyto rank, commanding lesser Paradeus units. Formerly nicknamed “Obelisk” after one of her attacks.


Black Nytos make their appearance in Major Event Continuum Turbulence. The Nyto Patroller, Nyto Hawkeye and Nyto Hammerer variants are introduced in Fixed Point.


A Paradeus Ringleader which makes its first appearance in Continuum Turbulence a moderately strong Ringleader who possess a newly added "Defense" stat, which ties to this factions force shield mechanic, in that it'll reduce incoming damage by a percentage based on the units current Defense value. HOC support is highly recommended against these enemies to completely break their Defense Stat, rendering all forms of damage against them to be 100%.

Battles against Nyto Black should be very straight forward, her stats are average at most, during the battle she'll occasionally summon Strelet reinforcements who'll enter the battlefield and add pressure on your tanking units. When she gets down to a certain HP percentage, she'll ready her skill "Obelisk" in which she'll target the center of the field and gradually charge up her attack, while shes doing this she'll have granted herself a HP shield with a high value on it. You MUST break through that HP shield before she fires off her skill, successfully breaking her HP shield will cause her to cancel her skill and resume auto-attacking. Do note, that if she manages to activate her skill again, she'll continue charging from where she left off, meaning that once her range occupies the entire field, she'll do fatal damage to all our T-Dolls.

Lore / Story involvement

The lowest rank of Paradeus's Nyto-type dolls, Black Nytos are first seen in Continuum Turbulence leading the Paradeus cult soldiers in eliminating survivors of the dirty bomb explosion. Partly biological in nature, individual Black Nytos are identical clones of each other, and highly disciplined to the point where distinguishing one from another is almost impossible. While they occupy leadership positions on the frontline, higher ranked units, such as Nyto White, treat them as little more than fodder, even going so far as to severely damage one of them as punishment for the failure of a different one towards the end of Continuum Turbulence.

The Interrogation Nytos are unarmed and use a different set of equipment compared to their Black Nyto counterparts, but it's unknown whether they're special models or simply re-purposed combat units. They're notable for being difficult to hack into, as SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  is barely able to control the interrogator model she uses to rescue the Commander.

Dialogue from Mercurows and Nimogen in Continuum Turbulence reveals that "Nyto" is used as a generic name for all clones of their type, and the privilege of having individuality and a name is only granted after completing tasks given by "Father." Therefore, being called Nyto is a source of great shame for these dolls, and former Nytos take great offense to being referred to as such.

Anna and her batch were about to become complete Nyto Blacks before they were rescued from the Paradeus Paldiski labs.