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The Campaign Menu is a special menu located directly under the Combat Simulation tab. This menu allows commanders to revisit past Major Events such as Arctic Warfare and Operation Cube and giving commanders the full experience of the event from when it was live initially. The Campaign versions of the Major Operations are exactly the same as they were initially released, with a few slight changes.

Below is a list of differences that the Campaign versions of the Major Events has:

  • Ranking EX Maps will not be accessible. Regardless of whether you cleared the Event or not.
  • Progress will be saved (Including how many times you cleared the map), if you were unable to complete the event when it was live initially, dont panic, as you'll be able to resume your progress from where you left off when it eventually gets added into the campaign menu.
  • One-time Rewards such as Background Icons, T-dolls, Furniture, The Griffon Elite Medal, which are given on completion of Event Maps. Will have their rewards changed to something lesser (You cant get the Griffon Elite Medal that easily)
  • Lootboxes will not drop from designated units or maps.
  • Collaboration Events will NOT be added into the campaign menu.
  • Returning 5* and 4* T-dolls who dropped during the Major Event's will NOT drop again when they get added to the campaign menus, unless they were a 5* T-dolls that was added alongside the events such as SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7  in Singularity, however the 4* and 3* Limited Drop T-dolls that dropped during said operations are still be obtainable (Such as HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder  in Singularity and RF PzB 39Thumb button.pngPzB 39  in Deep Dive and RF G28Thumb button.pngG28  in Arctic Warfare).
  • Exclusive Equipment which dropped during the Events will still be obtainable when they get added into the Campaign menu. Such as UMP UX Exoskeleton from Deep Dive.
  • Players will be able to receive assistance from a SINGLE friend echelon in any of the Campaign maps
  • Story cutscenes will be added into the in-game index, however story Nodes (such as ones in Deep Dive) will only be viewable upon being stepped on. Be careful though, as these story nodes can only be viewed ONCE.

Here is a list of Major Events which are currently available in the Campaign Menu:

Server Major Event
JP Not yet implemented