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Evelyn Profile Quotes


The RP VII is the latest police Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. Unlike ordinary law enforcement and security Dolls, the RP VII's power output and durability were both rated military grade. Since their inception, they have been active on the frontlines of riot control and anti-terrorism.

Evelyn served in the 3rd batch of Red Velvet City's Doll Riot Squad. She was commended for her outstanding performance during a particular incident and was sent to 42Lab to participate in Project Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Stoic and unfeeling, that is the first impression Evelyn gives many people. In daily life though, she is really more taciturn than cold.

However, once faced with work-related matters, no matter if it's regular training or official business, she will take on a ruthless persona in the blink of an eye. Her vicious and cold fighting style leaves a lasting and terrifying impression on those who have fought her.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Although Evelyn's method of handling criminals borders on cruel, she is actually not one who likes to use force. While the Red Velvet City's police force is known for their perhaps "excessive" interpretation of law enforcement, Evelyn is one to strongly abide by the rules and regulations. As long as the suspect doesn't show aggressive tendencies, then she won't rush to use force either.

Her colleagues don't outwardly remark on her way of doing things, but considering the traditional saying around the office is "might makes right", they often poke fun at her restraint on their off-hours. Little do they know, she, more than anyone, knows the feeling of losing yourself in the face of violence.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Being a riot officer is a high-risk profession. In the face of heinous crimes, even heavily armed Dolls may find it too much to handle. Although they have software to regulate and alleviate pressure on their emotional centers in high stress situations, their Neural Cloud Systems still bear a heavy load. Due to this, the Dolls in this profession cannot actually work that much more than a human.

With this in mind, Evelyn's performance is particularly notable. Besides required maintenance, she practically lives at the police station. Her constant presence in the office means that she gets much more work done than her colleagues.

The RP VII model does not have a preprogrammed disposition for overtime. Even if a model identical to Evelyn came off the assembly line, it would not display this fanatical passion for work. Perhaps only Evelyn herself knows why she is so consumed by her profession.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Evelyn's participation in Project Neural Cloud can be traced back to an appalling act of terrorism. Despite Evelyn's best efforts, she could not avert the disastrous consequences of their attack. To divert the public's attention, the authorities presented the severely injured Evelyn as the great hero of the incident. After media coverage died down, they then sent Evelyn to 42Lab to participate in Project Neural Cloud—ostensibly as a reward and to assist her recovery.

Evelyn was all too aware of the meaning behind the authorities' actions, so she did not speak up and could only quietly accept the arrangement.

Silent until the eve of her departure, Evelyn made one single request—a trip to the police cemetery. Evelyn had never gone there before, even during holidays or commemorations. Everyone thought that she didn't care about it, like most Dolls, who are apathetic to the concepts of life and death.

She brought neither flowers nor prayers. She sat quietly in the cemetery until daybreak. Then, she fired a shot into the sky and stamped the fallen bullet into the soil at the cemetery's entrance, before turning to leave.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After arriving at the Oasis, Evelyn wandered about as if in a trance for a time. Whatever the Professor and Persicaria arranged, she would do. She was more like an AI machine of old, instead of a Doll.

This carried on until the Oasis stabilized. With Persicaria's assistance, Skinner designed a regular visitation program for Dolls stationed at the Oasis to ensure the stability of their Neural Clouds. Evelyn was chosen as the first participant for this program.

By the time of this recording, the medical department had not yet been able to completely defrost her heart, but at the very least, while she was chatting, she could manage a small smile.

"In the beginning, I didn't really understand why I was here, but now... I have you, Professor, and everyone else at the Oasis. I feel like I'm needed right here."
"Don't worry, Skinner. Maybe my questions cannot be answered just yet, but I feel... at least the path forward is much clearer now."
—Doll Psychological Consultation Recording