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Vee Story Profile Quotes


The UL-CS5 project, led by Ultimate Life with R&D support from Cyber Media, was updated to the 5th generation of cosmetic surgeon Dolls.

Besides functional upgrades, the biggest difference between UL-CS5 and its predecessors was in bringing Cyber Media researchers to assist with the UL-CS series' Neural Core redesign. Every UL-CS5 model received significant fine-tuning to their Neural Core, and out of all of those, Vee received the most extensive and daring.

As a special Doll possessing a fusion of Ultimate Life's trademark logic-focused Neural Core technology and Cyber Media's signature emotive Neural Core technology, Vee was selected to take part in Project Neural Cloud by 42Lab.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Even for an enterprise that gathers odd folks like Ultimate Life, Vee is a special case. She is very satisfied with the way she was born, as it exemplifies her pursuit of the "unique". Rejecting "uniformity" is not merely the rule Vee follows when accepting clients, but the overarching creed that she lives by.

In this regard, Vee is grateful to the sales department of Ultimate Life. If they hadn't changed the sales positioning of the UL-CS5 series to target the high-end customization market, then perhaps Vee would be like the previous series. Endlessly performing procedures that give clients that same uniform beauty they saw on TV.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Vee's specialty lies not in personal characteristics like surgical methods or aesthetic sense, but actually in her lifestyle. Professionally, she frequents many universities and has formed connections with several Fine Arts professors specializing in sculpting. A peculiarity, since Dolls usually rely on data transmission for learning and so are an uncommon sight on school grounds.

"Beauty cannot be learned by data transmission alone. What is beauty? What kind of things can be called 'beauty'? What combination of facial features can be considered beautiful? I still must learn more. Much more. Only by going out and continuously learning, feeling, and interacting can I truly understand. Solely relying on networks and data feeds just simply won't get me there."
—The Cutting Edge Beauty Column Interview Segment

Doll Profile 3[edit]

"Cosmetic surgeon" doesn't quite express the expanse that is Vee's talents. She contains all of Ultimate Life's core technologies related to the human body, and, like all of Ultimate Life's Dolls, she possesses all standard medical credentials. It's no exaggeration to say that she could easily transform any part of the human body.

But that is not Vee's way. She believes that there must be a limit to all changes. A facial procedure can be considered a cognizant being's pursuit of beauty, but a full-body reconstruction is tantamount to reshaping one's entire existence. Body modification is a request that Vee has received more than once, with some people even asking to have ribs removed just to make their waist look a bit thinner.

Vee has no room to refuse these requests, but she always does her best to preserve a client's original parts. It's not uncommon for Vee to speak with clients for three days, discussing their hobbies, work, and daily life. She then pulls inspiration from those conversations to fine-tune their personal operation plans. In this way, clients are made more aware of their body's own irreplaceable beauty.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

In addition to her aforementioned habits, there is an additional item in Vee's terms of service that stands out. "The client shall authorize Vee to retain a mask based on their post-operation appearance."

Vee has amassed a collection of these. If she lies back in her office chair, she can view an unfinished face composed of these masks staring back at her from the ceiling.

This peculiar trait does serve a purpose. To Vee, these masks are a witness to the cooperation between her and her client—their shared exploration of the concepts of "beauty" and "unique". Through this, she is, bit by bit, pushing through the fog that veils that unseen face—the one that is unique to her alone.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After arriving at the Oasis, Vee immediately found herself unemployed. Unlike humans, few Dolls cared much about their appearance. There was certainly not enough that would make a special trip for beautification. Instead, any visits would be more concerned with functional upgrades. In the early stages of the Oasis' construction, Vee was even transferred to the medical department for a long time due to a shortage of workers. After a multitude of fruitless protests, Vee decided to revisit her career from another angle.

"Eh? That old scar on my face. Why...?"
"You can thank Vee for that. I suppose that's what she's been so busy with lately. Do you like it?"
"Of course. Even compared to before it's..."
"That's good to hear. By the way, Vee also left you a message."
"What's that?"
"Let those painful memories of the past fade away along with the scars."
—Medical Department Doll Operation Room A03 Recording Log, Day 18