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Serdyukov Story Quotes

Story Involvement[edit]

Far Side of the Sea[edit]

Serdyukov was among the dolls that joined Griffin's operation to eliminate potential threats on a deserted island. She acted as the Commander's adjutant as Kalina was unable to participate in the mission due to the ever-increasing amount of combat reports she needed to write.

Serdyukov reported to the Commander that she picked up a strange signal from within the forest. After the Commander's head was almost cleaved in two by SG SPAS-12Thumb button.pngSPAS-12 's axe thanks to HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN 's suggestion to play a watermelon splitting game. She urged the dolls to assemble and begin searching the perimeter for any potential enemy threats.

After the threats were neutralized, Serdyukov updated the Commander with the current situation. The two split up to check different areas, however the Commander got caught in a game with several other dolls.

Later, Serdyukov goes back to the Commander to report her findings, which leads to her and the other T-Dolls realizing that the Commander had suddenly disappeared. She urged her fellow dolls to remain calm and rally to her position to find the Commander. However the enemy suddenly launched an attack upon the group, leading the present dolls to defend against the immediate threat while waiting for reinforcements to arrive.