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SCR Story Quotes

Slow Shock[edit]

In 2064, in preparation for Operation Aeneas, the Commander recruited Aliana into Griffin & Kryuger and assigned her to lead a Griffin squad.[1] Aliana recognized the visual similarities of Eula's and AR SCRThumb button.pngSCR 's models and unconsciously chose her for her team despite SCR's lack of experience and confidence.[2]

Mail - Holidays 2022 - Holiday Harvest Stream![edit]

Dear Commander, my "special guest",

First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting the orchard before the holiday to support my streaming career! I have some great news for you—we set a new Sales record on our channel last night! The kiwis were selling like hot cake!

I've got to say, the sales pitch was so much more deceiving—uh, I mean "convincing"—with your editing! I do wonder where you picked up all that sales rhetoric... Huh, it's all thanks to Miss Kalina? Sounds like there's a story behind this.

More importantly, I must tell you your acting was absolutely brilliant! I've actually tasted the kiwis I fed you, they were really sour... but you actually ate them all and even showered them with praise! That's the Commander for you!

Oh, uh, there's also some bad news. Some of the "Cherry Bombs" seem to misunderstand the nature of our relationship and have vowed to "take you down"...

Still, we were wearing masks, so we won't be recognized, right? In any case, I wish you a happy holiday, Commander! Stay safe!

SCR, New Streaming Celebrity