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M82 Story Quotes


"Did I do something wrong somewhere? Am I going to be abandoned?" M82 can often be seen sitting aside and muttering such things. She has a massive persecution complex, but at the same time she is desperate to help the Commander, so she often forces herself to smile to the Commander... go rub her head at times like these, it'll calm her down.

Story Involvement[edit]

She made her first appearance on major event Polarized Light chapter 3. During the time the remains of Griffin force were in a tight situation after getting hammered by KCCO troops. Dandelion suggested that they must blow up the entrance to prevent the opposition force to advance. That being said, there was not enough time to plant the explosives as their vanguard was closing in, so they would need rear guard to buy them some time.

She along with SMG CF05Thumb button.pngCF05  and AR INSASThumb button.pngINSAS  led by HG WebleyThumb button.pngWebley  wilfully took up the rear guard position. The Commander, after reluctantly giving them the permission, sent them off by saying it was an honour to fight alongside them.