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G11 is a member of Task Force 404, she presents herself as a lazy and sleepy T-doll. Her role within the squadron is the marksman, she is often paired up with AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  during operations. In truth, G11 is very bad at taking care of herself and she often require 416 to look after her (through various means, sometimes violent).

She spends a great deal of time being lazy and slacking off, she will stop immediately after completing the task at hand to a bare minimum level of satisfactory. She is often made fun of and joked on by her squad member but she is too lazy to care.

She will focus and try her best when threatened or being ordered by SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 , completing the task at hand via any means necessary. She will display a drastically different persona that does not typically appear on T-dolls when her digi-mind is subjected to emotional trauma, such when encountering dire situations[1].

Story Involvement[edit]

404 Squad Introduction

G11 is a member of the Task force 404, along with UMP45, SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9 , and HK416. She has major involvements in both the main, side story line and various events.


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Joining 404[edit]

G11's origin was revealed at last during HK416's modification story flashbacks. Prior to becoming a tactical doll, G11 was an abandoned civilian service doll who roamed the lawless district of the city, soon she attracted the eyes of doll scavangers who attacked and knocked her out. Had HK416 not intervened when she did, G11 would be illegally dissected and had her body parts sold to various different black market buyers. With the help of UMP45, HK416 brought the unconscious G11 back to 404's hideout, luckily G11 is Dier's favourite model of service dolls, all of his maids are the same model as G11, so Dier had enough spare parts and so he swiftly repaired G11.

After HK416 assisted UMP45 in the destruction of an illegal doll scavanger market, they returned to the hideout to decide G11's fate. If she is released back into the society again, as a service doll without an owner, she will just be attacked again. Eventually they decided to illegally modify G11 into a tactical doll, Dier found an antique prototype weapon (A G11 rifle) in his warehouse and quickly assembled an ASST system for G11, thus converted her into a tactical doll. After some fine-tuning and testing, G11 joins UMP45, UMP9 and HK416, as the 4th member of Task Force 404.

Liberation of Sector S09[edit]

As contract requested, G11 made her first story appearance when Task force 404 assisted the liberation of Sector S09 from Sangvis Ferri.

Special Delivery to Sector S09[edit]

SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  was tasked with resupply and Intel collection mission in Sector S09, G11 made an minor appearance with HK416 during this small covert operation.

Operation Cube[edit]

Helian contracts Squad 404 to assist with the search for AR-15 in S06. Their first objective is to locate and retrieve the jammer, so they target Hunter, the ringleader stationed to protect the object of interest. However, they all initially underestimate Hunter’s abilities due to the ringleader’s “Elite” modification and thus are forced to retreat. G11 manages to damage Hunter’s exoskeleton enough so that Hunter does not pursue them.

Squad 404 emerges victorious against the ringleader after having engaged in guerilla warfare, yet they are unable to gain information from her because Ouroburos shuts down Hunter’s neural cloud. G11 is dragged to the other side of the sector by HK416.

After the unsuccessful endeavor involving Hunter, the group heads towards a safe zone within S06 and reconvenes with UMP45, who brings along a friend. They receive the coordinates of the jammer from SPP-1, a scout from Griffin who has been separated from her escort. Then, they all make their way to the zone with the jammer, but are stopped by Executioner—who happens to be guarding the jammer, and has also received an “Elite” modification . They deal with Executioner in the same fashion as they did with Hunter. However, Executioner has set up explosives throughout the area as a last ditch measure to take out Squad 404. No harm comes their way because UMP45 successfully negotiates with the ringleader to let them escape the blast radius in exchange for returning Hunter.

Ouroboros is intent on hunting down Squad 404, so UMP45 concocts a plan to defeat her. G11 is carried by HK416 to a vantage point in area R13 so that she may provide cover for her allies.

Eventually, Griffin and Squad 404 emerge victorious. G11 is left waiting at her position for someone to come pick her up.

Arctic Warfare[edit]

Taking up another contract, Task force 404 was sent to aid AR squadron from the event of Arctic Warfare.

Deep Dive[edit]

A later contract would require Task force 404 to dive deep into Ferri controlled territory sector S15 and recover an UAV, but it wasn't as straight forward as it sounds. Deep Dive is an immediate follow up to chapter 8's story, where the UAV containing sensitive Intel was shot down by Dreamer after M16 launched it, the UAV itself crash landed inside Dreamer's control territory.


At the request of Angelia, 404's took the contract, they are to assist the newly formed DEFY squadron in their upcoming operations against SOCOM units.


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