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Delacey Story Profile Quotes

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Main Story[edit]


Side Stories[edit]

Heartfelt House of Cocoa[edit]

The Professor arranged to show Delacey around the Oasis during a vacation day, as they had not seen each other since they parted ways at the Copley Sector. Delacey noted that the Oasis' commercial district was just like a human shopping district in the real world, complete with dessert shops, boutiques, and even arcades. She stated that no other place than the Oasis would consider spending all the operands needed to build them, resulting in her feeling a little envious of life in the Oasis. They stopped by a dessert shop, ordering coffee and several sweets. Delacey moved close to the Professor, coiling around her data cables around the Professor and embracing them in a warm hug. They were interrupted by the server bringing them coffee and pudding. Delacey took a sip of the coffee and shared with the Professor that such luxuries were not exactly common in Magrasea after the Wipeoff Incident. Nobody was really well off no matter where they were, and even the rare places with ample operands used them on survival necessities. Delacey found the Professor's ideals surprising in this context, using precious resources to give everyone chocolate, and even sending chocolate to her via Riko despite not being part of the Oasis. Delacey then brought out a finely-wrapped chocolate box to give to the Professor as a gift, confessing that she had never tried making chocolate before but had worked hard on it. Shortly afterwards, Delacey made a request. She stated that the reason why she liked the Professor the best was because they treated all Dolls equally, but on this special day she hoped the Professor could make an exception and only pay attention to her.