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Delacey Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good morning, Professor. It makes me very happy to see you at the start of each new day!
Afternoon Oh, it's already afternoon. Would you like to have afternoon tea with me?
Evening You've worked through the day, good work. Say... the view should be pretty good tonight, wanna come with me and have a look?
Night [System operation time has exceeded recommended limit.] (Pants) Oh! How embarrassing...
Main Interface Voice Ugh, why did Sammie have to leave...? Oh, Professor! Sorry, I'm rewatching my favorite movie. It's a love story between a human and an AI. Even though Sammie leaves Theo, I will never, ever leave you!
Oh, has some dust got into the jack on my tail? Don't worry, just blow on it for a bit and it'll be okay! Look... Hmm, this doesn't seem to work as well as the internet suggests.
Are you asleep? Heheh, the Professor can also have a cute side.
Hmm... This equipment basically runs on the same principle as a Doll's body, right?
Interactive Voice Ah... Haha...!
Oh? Curious about my tail? That's a bit... odd.
Oh! P-Professor?!
Relationship Dialogues Uh, this? It's for linking up Dolls. Here, this connection port can be adapted to different Dolls and even connect multiple ones... Well, would you also like to try, Professor? Hmm... It probably doesn't work on humans, but... let's plug you in and see?
It's been an honor to fight alongside you. Compared to what I expected, you are even more gentle, more dependable, more... Oh no, my neural system is overheating! I need to go and calm down!
I have participated in numerous projects under horrendous conditions. They mostly took place in far-flung locations and would take a heavy toll on Dolls. The more extreme the conditions, the likelier it is for humans to treat Dolls as mere tools. I kept vigil over Dolls who were on their last legs. They gripped my hand as if clinging to their only hope, but there was nothing I could do for them... Back then, I vowed to myself that I would remember everything and keep moving forward, carrying all the pain and suffering I had witnessed.
I've seen too many Dolls living their whole life in misery. It got me thinking... Is this our fate...? Sorry, this is quite a heavy subject, isn't it? But the fact is, not only are many Dolls living under terrible conditions, they are also treated unfairly. I want to do whatever I can to help them. Professor, would you join me in my cause?
You've been working very hard all this while, Professor. You've done well getting us this far, but do try to rely a bit more on me from now on. Would you like to rest your head on my lap for a while? Or how about a huuuuuuge hug? Hmm, your body is so warm, I find that very reassuring.
Professor, have you ever thought about what you're living for? It's quite a tough question, isn't it? Someone once asked me the same question, and I finally have an answer now—perhaps I was created to meet you. Ah, this feels like a dream. The remainder of my life is now in your hands, Professor.
Obtain I've been waiting for the day when I can fight by your side. I am De Lacey. Remember my name, Professor.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough For everyone's sake, I must work harder...!
Neural Expansion Carry all your pain from the past and keep going forward. You're also prepared to do the same, aren't you, Professor?
Max Neural Expansion
I'll be able to save more friends with this? That's great.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Where are we going this time, Professor?
Battle Start Leave it to me! I'll do my best to be of assistance to you!
Ultimate Skill I'll heal all your injuries!
MVP1 A textbook example of how to conduct a fight. Well done, Professor!
MVP2 I worked really hard! Won't you praise me, Professor?
Retreat I can't stay with you till the end...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Professor, do you know any Christmas carols? If you don't, I'll teach you! But if you do... then you should teach me, word by word, hehe! ~
Halloween "I am the Scorpion Queen from Evernight. I have taken over De Lacey's neural cloud on Halloween. If you wish to rescue her, then..." Huh...? You fell for it? It... it was just a prank! Still... it makes me happy that you're so worried about me.
New Year I'm so happy that I get to start this new year with you, Professor... Should I make a wish? Hmm, I wish... I can stay with the Professor in this coming year.
Tanabata I remember one Tanabata night some years ago, the stars were shimmering in the sky, but next to me was a beat-up Doll whose neural cloud was on the brink of death. The humans were already asleep, and I was surrounded by loneliness. Thank goodness you're with me now, Professor.
Valentine Happy Valentine's Day, Professor! I prepared this gift for you... In return, can I occupy your schedule for the day? What will we be doing? Hmm, just strolling around the Oasis, relaxing... Or do you want to touch my tail?
Player's Birthday I've prepared this present ever since I found out your birthday. Now I finally get to hand it to you, I hope you'll like it... In any case, thank you very much for your care all this time. Happy Birthday, Professor!