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Delacey Story Profile Quotes


The DMT-X series of dolls are Dolls jointly developed by a number of companies, led by Svarog Heavy Industries. It is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of other doll bodies.

Due to the harsh, high-risk working environment many dolls are subjected to, regular maintenance is required in order to prevent irreparable damage. This led to the creation of the DMT-X series. Through an agreement between the several enterprises, DMT-X dolls hold backdoor authorizations. In emergencies, they may even inspect the blueprints for any given doll without prior reporting and apply the proper repairs. DMT-X dolls can fix every model under every situation with lightning speed. In the most dire of situations, DMT-Xs can even manufacture ad-hoc component parts using various materials at hand so that the damaged doll has enough time to be evacuated for proper repair.

De Lacey was among the first batch of DMT-X dolls produced. She was chosen for Project Neural Cloud due to her outstanding work history and extensive experience.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

After being put into use, most DMT-X dolls will be assigned to a specific task force as the resident doll medic. De Lacey, however, belonged to the R&D Director of the DMT-X series, shouldering the task of testing the latest features.

Whenever the R&D team wishes to implement an upgrade to the DMT-X series, they first test it out on De Lacey. Every conclusion that De Lacey comes to will determine the fate of the function in question for her fellow DMT-X dolls, which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on her. She does not, however, let the stress get to her.

Despite the fact she is often shifting between several different teams, De Lacey does not let it negatively affect her work. The opposite in fact, holds true with De Lacey using her utmost ability to offer clear and comprehensive explanations for every new function that is being tested. This has garnered her a large amount of respect amongst her peers.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

One design aspect that separates the DMT-X series from ordinary repair dolls is their tail, which in actuality is a module composed of various hinges, mechanisms, and wires. It acts as a kind of adapter which allows them to jack into most doll models on the market and carry out intensive repairs as needed.

There is, however, a drawback to this design. The process of connecting to the body and analyzing it is rather invasive, and very few dolls have experienced such a high degree of physical contact. As a result, DMT-Xs are a very divisive subject amongst their fellow dolls. Those who value efficiency are very fond of them, whereas those who are more delicate detest them.

De Lacey operates differently, and is not rough when connecting to someone. Instead, she will first speak to the doll and establish an amicable relationship before starting the connection process. This shows how thoughtful De Lacey can be.

However, many dolls have seen that De Lacey seems to enjoy the physical contact that comes with the repair process...

Doll Profile 3[edit]

This affinity for physical contact is not so much an embarrassing kink, but rather a way for her to leave an impression upon others.

Many of the dolls that DMT-Xs repair hold positions in hazardous industries, where one moment your colleague could be right beside you, and the next they're gone, taken away by a horrifying accident. De Lacey herself has experienced this all too many times before. De Lacey believes that every interaction with those around her will live on in her memories, for all eternity. A heartfelt handshake, a kind embrace... these are all ways for her to remember those moments.

—Nothing is permanent. All we can do is treasure the here and now.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

De Lacey's work environment is often in a state of flux due to testing demands. She once encountered numerous dolls who were working in extremely poor conditions, yet were not treated with the accordant amount of respect. They were tools being used haphazardly, and tossed to the side once they had served their purpose.

De Lacey despises those who mistreat dolls, but she has not allowed this to color her view of all mankind. In fact, De Lacey has many human friends who treat dolls with nothing but respect, and she treats them in kind.

In this world where so much cannot be changed, De Lacey continually strives to help dolls fight for their rights and to repay the kindness shown to her by certain humans.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

De Lacey once asked someone in private about the Professor. "The Prof was in charge of Project Neural Cloud, but ended up being uploaded into the Cloud to come to the dolls' rescue!" Hearing this story about the Professor piqued De Lacey's interest. Someone who valued dolls so highly was surely someone worth respecting.

As De Lacey heard more stories in the same vein, she started painting a picture of the Professor in her mind, which slowly became more vivid and exaggerated... De Lacey began to fantasize about one day being able to work together with the Professor.

"If more people in this world respected dolls like the Professor did, then perhaps it wouldn't be such a miserable place."