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Game's official character description for her would mention that she have an unfathomable sense of desire is hidden underneath her calm and peaceful expressions, even though she is kind and helpful to the other T-dolls but they can often sense some kind of danger hidden amongst her quotes. Those who deal with her will have to decide for themselves whether she is an Angel or a Devil, or maybe DSR does this on purpose just to mess with their minds.

Her quotations involves many pause and breaks, she is likely a mature T-doll who chooses every word she speaks with care. Judging from her interaction with the story during Deep Dive, she is an elite T-doll who carries out dangerous tasks, who also likes to live dangerously.

Story Involvement[edit]

DSR made her first appearance as a side character during Operation Deep Dive. DSR's costumes Pantone Peony and Highest Bidder described her side story interactions with the Commander during the 2018's Lunar New Year Festival and 2018 G&K two year Anniversary.


"This is classified information!"

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Deep Dive[edit]

A side character involved in Operation Deep Dive, she had remote communication contacts with Task Force 404 in the event's chapter 2.

With Galm awakened and dummy linked with multiple puppet units, Task Force 404's path is blocked, they are unable to deal with multiple heavily armored Galm units head on. DSR reached SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  over the radio mistaking 404 as a G&K unit, DSR demanded Task Force 404 rescue her and her units from the siege of Ferri units, in exchange she will provide long distance fire on Galm.

45 seem to have Intel on DSR prior to the operation, she knows about DSR's talents, and they are in need of an anti-armor unit who can neutralize Galm, 45 corrected DSR's comment on 404's alignments with G&K and then agreed to the deal. After 404 rescued DSR and her units, they identified the Galm mainframe, a synchronous sniping from both AR G11Thumb button.pngG11  and DSR, Galm mainframe was defeated, DSR and her unit escaped the Ferri siege.

Costume story: Pantone Peony[edit]

It is a traditional practice to hand out small sum of money/gifts in "Red Packets" to junior members of the society during the Spring Festival periods in China, it was slightly different in G&K's Lunar New Year event however, every servicing T-doll as well as the Commander received a red packet. The 2018 Lunar New Year procurement costume stories described various stories of different T-dolls who received an outfit that year, DSR-50 gained the nickname "Red Packet Goddess" as she was the one who handed out the red packets.

Just like most festivals events in G&K, a lot of preparations had to be done prior to the carnival, just to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly. After a busy day of inspections, the Commander arrives at the bottom of the patrol list. "Red Packets - DSR-50.", the Commander felt a shiver down his/her spine, "A pretty dangerous character... But since I'm only there to check up on the work progress, shouldn't be much of a problem...", the Commander departs towards the dorm.

"Ohh... Came to visit Commander...?", DSR greets the Commander. When inquired about the work progress, DSR replied with her usual enigmatic speech: "I've prepared all the money and all the red packets, now all we have to do is put the money inside the red packets...", the Commander do find it difficult to maintain conversation with a dangerous character like DSR, "Do please make haste, New Year's Eve is imminent.".

"One more question though Commander...", DSR inquired further, "Should have fixed amount of money or should we randomize it, so some get more, some get less?". The Commander is confused by such a sudden question, "Not knowing the exact amount before opening it... let luck decide the amount of happiness one get... isn't it fun? As the maker of the red packets, having this much power within your grasp is fun you know?"

"I thought about it, I believe it's better to have fixed amounts.", the Commander comments. "I see, this is how you want it... but once you decided, it's too late to go back... are you really sure about this?".


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Costume story: Highest Bidder[edit]


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