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"Let's take out the trash."

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The Prologue.

Emotionless dolls

1200-1300 hour of Singularity, prior to the makeshift Collapse bomb detonation, SOCOM units had already broken through the HQ defense line of G&K, Kalina is organising retreats for the remaining G&K T-Dolls within sector S09. She gathered up two squadrons to defend set locations and ensure the successful retreat of larger forces. AR 9A-91Thumb button.png9A-91  and SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson  are leaders of the two squadrons.

"Where is the Commander? We need orders, otherwise we cannot organize effective counter strikes." 9A informed Kalina. But the Commander is busy commanding another battlefield right now. "The enemy are regular military forces, without the Boss, we can't hold out for long!" Thompson added. At this moment, Kalina decided to be the human commanding officer.

It was futile, soon enough the SOCOM armored units became too much for the two T-Doll echelons to handle, they were unable to penetrate the heavily armored military grade walkers and tanks, but there were still so many dolls who had yet to be retreated.

A green flash occurred at a distance, followed by deafening explosion from a distance and blast shockwaves. A moment later the T-Dolls had regained consciousness, they reported that the SOCOM units had stopped moving. "Quickly, regain the grounds, prepare for their counter strikes!" Thompson ordered, "Kalina we need another wave of supplies, get the logistic echelon here!". Kalina coughed, at first she thought it was just from the dust kicked up by the blast wind, she quickly sent SMG MP40Thumb button.pngMP40  and her echelon for the logistic delivery.

Nearby T-Dolls asked whether Kalina was alright, she is coughing violently after the flash, suddenly something crossed her mind! The T-Dolls had never seen this but she, she knows what this means, what this could be, how the green flash and her sudden allergic reactions are linked. All of Kalina's desperate attempts to reach the Commander had failed.

The Commander, you, woken up, surrounded by four familiar looking... Humanoids? They are called Nyto, you vaguely remembered, all the Nyto speaks at once, synchronously, flawlessly. They told you they acquired you from the field, treated you from the radiation damage of the Collapse reaction. They told you how long it had been since the last time you remembered, 9 weeks. They also told you their master wants information out of you, specifically around the time after the Collapse bomb detonation and the series of operation you commanded.

"Your body condition is back to optimal level, we can proceed with the work.".

You feel groggy and dazed, you mumbled:

"Who are you all..."


"Who am I?"




They did not reply, they just kept on informing rather than listening, you remember their names, you remember them! They appeared after the Collapse bomb detonated! And then... This is the first time you observed them closely, they look so familiar, why? You asked again:

"You are called Nyto, right?"

...Nyto remained silent, but their gaze are clearly more focused on you now. That gaze is unsettling, creepy, it defines the concept of uncanny valley, worst than the first batch of prototype android dolls. Their visions are empty, no emotion, no curiosity, they are merely starring at you.

"Can you say something?"

...Nyto did not react, they are like group of emotionless machines. You saw them on the battlefield, anything they lay their eyes on are their targets... Indiscriminate destruction, be it T-Dolls, or you... They make worse enemies than KCCO, but right now... you cannot do anything.

"A glass of water please?"

"You will get one, but not here." Nyto had spoken, unbelievable... in a voice so familiar to you, yet so... you cannot remember where you heard it from, and it is agitating you. Perhaps you just woken up and you are still groggy, perhaps you really do just need a glass of water...

"Commander of G&K, our master imprisoned you here. The only way for you to earn your freedom, is by describing exactly what happened after the detonation of the Collapse bomb."

You had more a reply on your mind:

"What happened after that? I might not had remembered so well."

We will verify your statements against the truth, if inconsistency were to occur you will be punished until you speak the truth.

"Who wants to know? Your master?"

...Nyto did not reply, they didn't move at all, they didn't even show the expressions of unwilling to answer a question, my question was like a coin tossed in a bottomless wishing well, no echoes.

"To show your willingness to cooperate, you have 10 seconds to get up, otherwise we will see this as a sign of defiance and you will be punished accordingly."



Nyto began her merciless countdown...



This smile...

In the voice you so familiar with and in the voice you hate so much...



Why have they stopped? Three of the Nyto had turned away, only one Nyto now facing you, you recognise that grin of hers... "Commander...?" The Nyto facing you hinted you of her identity by performing a slash motion down her left eye, "We're here to rescue you to Commander, just sit tight.". The subjugated Nyto exchanged words with you, but due to the Nyto's biological body structures, extended period of subjugation isn't possible, weeks of preparation had to be made just for this two minutes.

You asked the subjugated Nyto:

"Whoever you are, I've waited a long time for this moment."

"Sorry, we took a long time to locate this place, and... I took a long time to recover from my fight last time."

"Who will be part of this operation? Can you ensure your own safety?"

"Wow, I'm touched Commander, but you'd be better to worry about yourself right now."

Subjugated Nyto told you that the Nyto creatures were created purely for the sake of physical torture based interrogation, they had failed to extract the information directly out of your brain, hence why they woke you up from the sleep. The rescue is on the way but you have to buy them some time, by making up convincing and reasonable stories.

You spoke again:

"You want me to make up stories?"

"Humans are good at lying, I believe you can do it."

"I'll... try..."

"Good luck Commander, whatever the story, just try and extend the time."

"No man lies better than me!"

"Oh? Is that so?"

Subjugated Nyto also told you about a few other things, such as that she will be communicating with you with this micro communicator stuck on your back from this point on.

She also told you a pistol is hidden beneath the interrogation chair for your usage during the escape, and questioned whether you still remember how to use it.

"Of course I do, don't underestimate me."

"Huhu, that was disrespectful of me, I look forward to your performance Commander."

"Do I have to use it?"

"We'll try and avoid this situation, but no guarantees. Commander, this is a battlefield after all, do not hesitate."

Lastly, she told you how to identify the next subjugated Nyto unit, the passphrase is "I've brought you the ill-luck.".

"Who thought of this code?"

"No one, it's just my favourite phrase."

"Do I need to say anything back?"

"Not really, just don't shoot her."
This place might just be one level below hell...

"The passphrase will indicate the next subjugated Nyto, no need to respond, no need to kill her, because she will help us open the room from the inside, we will rescue you right away, this is our number one priority.". After that speech, the subjugated Nyto wished you good luck and disconnected the subjugation. With the Nyto relinquished the countdown resumed.



You figure you should probably get on your feet, "Very good, you only took 4 seconds.", the Nyto proceeded to escorted you to the interrogation room and began the process of interrogation, you saw many things while being escorted there, things you're not sure whether you needed to see.

You've arrived at the interrogation room, Nyto strapped you on the 'chair'. "Commander of G&K, do not try and break free from the device, the only thing should be moving on you right now is your mouth.", "We need you to provide your memories, firstly the fact that you survive on that battlefield.", "Then we need more details, how did you survive on the battlefield and made it all the way to the safe room.", "We need that truth, you must remember correctly."

You began describing what happened immediately after the Collapse detonation...

In the middle of your command post, you saw a bright green flash, you sensed your body react violently to this light, you felt unconscious to the floor. A set amount of time later, you were woken up by two voices, one calm and collected, the other loud and foul.

You said:

"I'm awake, I'm awake!"

The loud and foul one said: "If you're awake then stop being stupid, open your eyes, get up!", the calm and collected one said: "Stop shaking the Commander, you can't rapidly move a human's head."

"You can tell? I thought I pretended pretty well."

The loud and foul one said: "Because your breathing pattern changed, I can sense it!", the calm and collected one said: "We can sense both breathing patterns and field of views, and I know where you are looking at right this moment."

"Are you T-Dolls from G&K?"

The loud and foul one said: "Of course! I'm a G&K T-Doll with a factory warrant!", the calm and collected one said: "Commander, it is safe here, don't worry... for now."

They performed first aid on you and you regained consciousness, the dolls introduced themselves: the pink haired, calm and polite girl with the large calibre sniper rifle is RF M82A1Thumb button.pngM82A1 , the small blonde devilish looking girl with a pump-action shotgun is called SG M870Thumb button.pngM870 .

You inquired further:

"Hello there, thanks for saving me."

M82 said: "I'm just following orders, retrieve you from the battlefield and transport you to a safe room.", M870 told you: "Don't think we like doing this, to be in this damned place alone, it's all because of you!"

"How did you two find me?"

M82 said: "Kalina gave us the coordinates, then the two of us traveled here.", M870 told you: "That's right, you must commend us for this! You must, because we might die here because of you!"

"Where are we?"

M82 said: "You are still in your command room, we located you, you were unconscious due to the radiations.", M870 told you: "The pollution zone is close by, it is quite well hidden, but once someone found out about it, it won't be anymore."

M82 told you that they are here by the order of Kalina, to secure and extract the Commander. As you grabbed on to M870 to get yourself back up, you overheard chatters on your radio set. You recognised that voice, you definitely recognised the second one.

"G&K had already left...? This is the end... huh?"


"Haha... Can't believe it ended like this... Nothing else we can do..."

Nyto stopped you in your speech, they told you your speech matched their information, they can continue their work. They now want you to tell them the reason why you remained on the field when you had the chance to leave.

You continued on your story, at that moment you realised your work is not yet done, the two dolls asked why are you hesitating. You replied:

"A lot of them have not been saved yet, I cannot leave!"

M870 said: "Saving you is more important than saving those T-Dolls and humans for the benefit of G&K, you know that right? But this is who you are I guess... which was what made you important..."

"Kalina... She's still in the base, I cannot leave her behind!"

M82 said: "You would never leave your loyal logistical officer right? We do need to think of something, but I must admit... G&K base is in dire situation right now, im not sure..."

"I talked to Persica just then, there is someone I must save."

M82 said: "That person, are they really important? Why are you doing this human?", M870 told you: "I'll remind you with something your boss once said Commander, you can join the war with your ideals, but once you enter the battlefield, you have to face reality!"

M870 told you of her mission, she is here to extract you by any means necessary, even if it means knocking you out and dragging you along, M82 on the other hand... "You're overwhelmed by your emotions Commander... But I guess that's the difference between us and humans...", she then told M870 that you are acting to protect Ms Kalina, to protect G&K, this order overrides their current order. The two eventually agreed to stay and guard you, they left the command post to take point nearby and offer you protections. "Don't disappoint me idiot Commander, dying over your own wishful thinking is the worst way to go.", "Let me bare witness... to this human who is trusted by every T-Doll, show me what you can do today."

Following that, you completed your operation that day, and evacuated G&K from S09 before the second nightfall hit.

Hearing this, Nyto merely commented on how your provided speech matched what they knew again, however they now want you to describe the more detailed interactions you had with member of AR Team, AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  and member of task force 404, AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 . "We want to know what happened to M4 SOPMOD II first, you will tell us what happened to her on the battlefield."

You replied:

"She was killed by the KCCO."

"We know she did not. She lived, we saw. Tell us the truth."

"I don't actually know what happened to her."

"She contacted you before, we know she was part of that rescue operation you commanded, she must have told you something."

"I know she probably killed one or two of you."

"That will not anger us, but alternatively thinking, you admitted that she is still alive."

You have a couple of minutes to think of a story, a story describes your operation to be more heroic, or less fortunate, maybe you will have her appear in the story simply as a corpse! But you know the consequence of lying, you do not care, at least they don't kill you, and you think you can probably withstand whatever they will be doing to you under the condition of keeping you alive. You hope that you will continue to think this way after they had done it to you... after all, you're just here to waste time, waste their time.

Your interrogation continues.