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Full name Irida
Affiliation 42LAB
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

Professor Irida is a 42LAB scientist who was Project Neural Cloud's supervisor.[1] She worked with Persicaria before the project and was interested in a new way to develop Neural Clouds called “Black Box Evolution Theory”.[2] She once talked about it with Persicaria, but her memory of this conversation was deleted for reasons unknown.[3] Persicaria rediscovered the memory while exploring the Operand Black Hole of Enigma Sector in Magrasea.


Irida envisioned the Black Box Evolution theory as a way to create third-generation Neural Clouds, capable of fully autonomous decisions without the need for core instructions. Since the neural dampers installed on the agents of Magrasea prevented this research, genuine Neural Clouds needed to be used. Finally, this research needed both access to a large amount of calculating power and a growth environment where the Neural Clouds would be both under situational stimulation, such as resolving system anomalies, and disconnected from any real-world input. Irida estimated that the growth cycle would take three years to complete.[4]

All of these conditions were met in the Magrasea backup following the Wipe-off Incident of 2060, though whether Irida herself or someone else triggered it remains to be seen. On 29 September 2060, Irida, aged 29, fell into a coma caused by abnormal brain waves after receiving surgery in an Ultilife facility.[5]



  • Irida was responsible for inducing Magnhilda into Project Neural Cloud by buying her from her previous owner Santino on Vee's recommandation.[1]


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