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name Entrance Speech
icon nascita_passive
text Enters [Whirlwind] status after 5 Normal Attacks, lasting for 5 Normal Attacks.

[Whirlwind]: Greatly reduces the interval between Normal Attacks and teleports to the next target after executing a Normal Attack. Normal Attacks in this state deal 50 % damage but apply the [Dissolution] effect. Unable to use Auto Skill during the duration of [Whirlwind]. [Dissolution]: Deals ($atk_value)% ATK as True Damage to the target and lowers their Max HP by ($atk_value)% ATK while also applying 1 stack of [Crippling Injury], stacking up to 10 times.

atk_value 40 43.2 46.4 49.6 53.6 58.4 63.2 68 74 80