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Hatsuchiri Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good morning, Professor. Look, the clouds in the sky look just like cotton candy. How beautiful.
Afternoon This is the perfect time to go for a wander underground. Would you like to join me, Professor?
Evening The Milky Way in the night sky looks like lava... Shimmering, flowing, burning...
Night It's time for bed, Professor. May you find yourself in the embrace of colorful dreams.
Main Interface Voice Humans are so interesting. They often do things that I struggle to understand. If I spend more time with you, I may have a better understanding of humans... That's the idea.
Have you seen Suei? It sometimes disappears all of a sudden. I can't stop it from going somewhere else, but... I really hope it will return to me.
Yeah, I'm here.
This is a sapphire I found in a skarn deposit in Madagascar. Would you like to look at it with me? Beautiful, isn't it? Could it be a footprint left behind by the wandering ocean, I wonder?
Interactive Voice Hmm...? Is this how you express your fondness?
Oh, sorry, was I spacing out again?
Feeling lonely, Professor? I'll keep you company.
Relationship Dialogues Have you ever thought about the relationship between humans and Dolls? We aren't really that different. In fact, you can say that all things are alike in the universe. Cherishing a single blade of grass could also be an act of self-love. Compared to the entire world, we are all but mere grains of sand.
The sight I once saw was both terrifying and beautiful. In deep and profound darkness, she enveloped me like a swirl of prismatic gems... I was plunged into a kaleidoscopic world of dreams, then...
To me, that dark and silent world where burning heat and icy cold coexist is both my place of origin and my end. As I swim through it, I can hear her call, guiding me deeper...
Oh, sorry, I was a bit enthralled... You'd like to know why I keep staring at you? Because I really like you, Professor... How much do I like you? Hmm, about as much as I like mineral specimens and the shape of cotton candy, I suppose.
Even though I know where it all ends, there are things I must do before I get there... It was fortuitous to have met you in my long journey. I can sense that you are special, so show me more. In return, I will also show you a sight you have never seen at the end of our journey.
Have you ever seen flowing lava? It surges on, consuming everything in its wake, irrevocable. But you have shown me its significance... Hold my hand tight, just like that. All things will perish in the end, but at least right now, we are together.
Obtain We meet again, Professor. Show me different sights again like you did last time.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Where will this power lead me?
Neural Expansion They're calling to me... I can hear them.
Max Neural Expansion
Let's delve deeper together.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Are we setting off?
Battle Start Yeah, I'll do my best.
Ultimate Skill The end is nigh.
MVP1 What is the sight you see...?
MVP2 She'll lead you on, so let sleep take you.
Retreat Hello darkness... my old friend...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Is Santa Claus also waiting for his Santa Claus?
Halloween Looking for me, Professor? Oh, I just heard a call and went to meet a friend that I have not seen in a very long time. She seems to be enjoying this day as well. It makes me really happy.
New Year Huh? Today is New Year's Day? Sorry, I'm a bit bad at keeping track of time. Time seems to stretch on to infinity when I'm in the middle of prospecting... But since it's such an important day, I'm glad I get to spend it with you.
Tanabata Tanabata... Sounds like a lovely festival. Can you tell me the story behind it, Professor?
Valentine Fern told me that I ought to give handmade chocolate to someone important to me on this day, but I'm not very good at it, so it ended up looking like black mudstone... Huh? It tastes good? I'm glad to hear that.
Player's Birthday This is a gemstone I found in a silica-poor pegmatite from Tanzania. I always have it with me. It glints like a heart pumping out blood—it is the most beautiful ruby I have ever seen. I'm giving my heart to you, Professor. Happy Birthday.