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Hatsuchiri Profile Quotes


The BPT1 is a custom-made research 42Lab Doll designed especially for unknown organism surveying projects. During its design phase, the BPT1's developers equipped it with many ground-breaking technologies with no regard for cost-effectiveness, such as a powerful alloy body, a very expensive suite of full-spectrum detection equipment in a biosynthetic chassis, and most importantly—installing an experimental surface decomposition module into the unit.

As the sole example of the BPT1 series, Hatsuchiri demonstrated the astounding practicality and potential of the surface decomposition module. By swiftly analyzing the structural composition of the ground within a limited area, she can move through rock strata practically unhindered. This has allowed Hatsuchiri to survey and monitor unknown organisms with incredible efficiency.

After a certain expedition, the Unknown Organism Investigation Project was shelved by 42Lab. Not long afterwards, Hatsuchiri volunteered to join Project Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

"Unknown Organism Investigation" was a fairly unpopular 42Lab project and for the longest time, few people understood its nature. While the scientific world had already discovered scattered pieces of evidence hinting at the existence of unknown ancient lifeforms, this project was destined to be unprofitable. In fact, unknown organism research did not even have its own laboratory in 42Lab.

However, the project supervisor Reed was a researcher with an enduring obsession with unknown organisms, and he was not content to let things remain as they were. Initially, 42Lab only allowed him to design a Doll to test new functional modules. However, he invested a great deal of passion into this unassuming task, and carefully designed a Doll who would be born to study and investigate unknown organisms—Hatsuchiri. Not only was she equipped with all manner of high-end surveying gear and modules, she even carried a massive biosynthetic detector with her. This detector was designed to resemble an octopus and was very distinctive.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Reed was a man of few words and devoted his life to the study and investigation of unknown organisms. Hatsuchiri, who worked under Reed as his subordinate, was a completely different matter from the very beginning. She showed little interest in unknown subterranean organisms and biology as a whole, simply completing the tasks given to her by humans in a mechanical manner.

She studied bedrock, fossils and Relics day after day after day. There was no variation in her work and nothing to excite her passions. Until one day, when she was carrying out a certain mission...

Nobody knows what Hatsuchiri went through under the earth, but ever since that day, Hatsuchiri was distinctly more eager to go about her work, even taking the initiative to ask Reed for the location of her next assignments. Other researchers even saw Hatsuchiri fondly caressing the head of her gigantic biosynthetic octopus—a remarkable act, considering that before this, she rarely showed emotional responses to anything.

That mission seemed to have caused something to sprout in Hatsuchiri's base layer, like a falling domino—she felt curious for the first time.

"It was as though it came to life and was speaking to me."
—Hatsuchiri's audio log from a certain survey mission.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

Hatsuchiri silently listens to the sounds coming from beneath the earth during the course of her work, which makes her appear that much more mysterious to others. The truth is, she was not rolled out with her aloof, detached persona, but rather, it developed over the course of her career. She rarely ever gets the chance to interact with others besides Reed and the researchers who routinely check the condition of her functional modules. A long time spent in such conditions has led to close interactions with others becoming "unnecessary" for her.

Yet this does not mean Hatsuchiri is bad at speaking. The truth is, the researchers who did checkups on Hatsuchiri all had good impressions of her; she was polite and well-mannered, composed and stable, occasionally making a few strange comparisons... and she was very professional when it came to work.

In addition to being able to effectively complete her assignments, Hatsuchiri's professionalism also brought unexpected rewards with it—certain Relic-related leads that she discovered greatly improved Reed's standing in 42Lab. While it still was not enough to merit the establishment of an independent department, the funding he was allocated was definitely increased. This was a godsend to Reed, and soon a project to investigate traces of unknown organisms beneath an unexplored icefield was approved by 42Lab and Reed submitted an itinerary for it.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

As the project progressed, 42Lab gradually became aware of Hatsuchiri's potential. They gave Reed a new assignment: to improve on Hatsuchiri and design a second Doll for the BPT series, in exchange for approval for his latest Unknown Organism Investigation Project.

After some effort, Reed designed Sueyoi of the BPT2 model. Sueyoi's abilities were specialized to the point where, despite not being suited for extended operations, Sueyoi surpassed his predecessor when it came to the vast majority of survey work. Yet for some reason, after the end of a long testing period, when 42Lab asked Reed to transfer one of them to a geological sample gathering project, Reed chose to send Sueyoi away and kept Hatsuchiri by his side, using her to take part in the unknown organism investigation assignment.

Was it because Hatsuchiri had more work experience, or because Hatsuchiri expended fewer resources? As a Doll, Hatsuchiri did not understand what Reed was thinking and neither was she inclined to find out. To her, being able to continue exploring the unknown subterranean depths was enough.

Not long after that, the Unknown Organism Investigation Project officially began, and Hatsuchiri accompanied Reed on a journey to the icefields.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

What happened during this half-year voyage? 42Lab's records at this point are unclear. After all attempts at rescue returned without bearing fruit, Hatsuchiri suddenly returned by herself. All she said during her debrief was that Reed had died, and she continually refused to comment on everything that had happened during the icefield exploration. Stranger still was the fact that 42Lab was unable to learn anything even after looking through from Hatsuchiri's memory data. The only thing they found was a neural cloud log containing a sinister audio recording of some kind of terrifying scream that could not possibly exist in this world, one which pierced straight to the soul...

With the project leader dead and the neural cloud data of the Doll who accompanied him lost, the Unknown Organism Investigation Project became an enigma. Sueyoi believed that Reed's death was closely linked to Hatsuchiri, and just about everyone noticed that Sueyoi was extremely hostile to her, even requiring bystanders to step in to prevent them from being alone together.

Meanwhile, Hatsuchiri remained silent about the matter. She remained alone at her old post without a single word. Everyone knew that with Reed gone, it would only be a matter of time before the Unknown Organism Investigation Project would be terminated. Since she was not permitted to go abroad on dispatch assignments during this time, Hatsuchiri could often be seen looking through her old research files all by herself, as though looking at ancient geological strata while reminiscing about the past.