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Hanyang Type 88/Story

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Story Involvement[edit]

Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was a normal afternoon in the cafe when Kalina stopped by and ordered special-brewed latte. Ai confirmed Kalina's order, but soon crashed. AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  came to see the situation, and explained that Ai has been crashing quite often lately. Kalina restarted her, only to found out that the problem has gotten worse. She lost all of her memory that related to Griffin, and loaded her past memory dated back to 2023. With G36's help, Kalina switched her off and sent her to repair bay.

Part 2[edit]

Kalina found out that a big part of Aig's digimind is encrypted and eating up her processing space. Her internal memory was almost full, and she wouldn't be able to make new records should it's not cleared up.

Kalina began the decryption process, and watched Ai's past record through a projector. There was a man delivering a doll for test subject in piloting an Assault Artillery platform. After confirming the order, a female who received the package activated the doll with serial number 59898. They made a first contact, and the female took the doll to see the mech she'll pilot.

In another occassion, 59898 sensed that her partner was depressed. She executed comfort mode, and her partner began talking about herself. She introduced herself as ■■■, a war refugee. She worked as a maid on her previous job, currently a test pilot, and the only Chinese person in Base 3303. The base was located far away from her homeland, and all travel routes have been stopped because of war. There was only one route left that's still running, but it's so expensive she couldn't afford it. Once she saved enough, she'll go back there. ■■■ also suggested name change to 59898, since calling her using serial number just felt weird. Thus, 59898 got a new name, Ai.

Part 3[edit]

■■■ got into an argument with one of the technician regarding Assault Artillery high-impact test. ■■■ suggested to halt the test, as the breakage rate was too high, which not even dolls can't take that sort of intensive test. But the battle has been dragging on for far too long, so their superiors wanted them to finish the test as soon as possible so they can push this generation of Assault Artillery into service. ■■■ has grown an attachment to Ai, whose sole purpose was to be a test pilot the mech so it would be suitable for human pilot.

In the repair bay, Ai just completed her chassis repair. ■■■ came to greet her, and Ai detected depressed status from ■■■. Ai executed comfort mode, and ■■■ stated her future plan. She'd like to buy Ai after the war ends, and bring her back to homeland. ■■■ will introduce Ai to her friends, and take Ai to comic expos, cafes, and all kind of different places.

Suddenly the alarm went off, alerting them that there's enemy attack. The technician urged them to relocate to and defend Sector C. This was their maiden battle, and they're up against an unknown threat. They managed to take down six enemy units, but the mech proved to put a heavy burden on ■■■'s human body. New hostile target detected, but it happened so fast and both of them cease to function.

After the battle, two men came into the battlefield. They were paid to find ■■■'s body, drape the flag on it, and send her back to her homeland. But they only found Ai's frozen body, leaning against a mech with destroyed cockpit.

Part 4[edit]

In one evening in the cafe, Kalina stopped by and found the energetic Ai. Ever since that upgrade, Ai has become a lot busier. She also remember everything now, and can do so much more. She waved to Kalina, and set off with the head maid for her night shift outside.

Kalina told RF SpringfieldThumb button.pngSpringfield  about Ai's upgrade. She had too little space in her digimind, so they need to install a new one along with larger storage. This improved her capabilities, and even allowed her to use some of her old tricks in battle.