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Clotho Profile Quotes


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning As all things wake from their slumber, the light of the stars scatter the lingering mists.
Afternoon Evening is nigh, and the spirits are upon us.
Evening The moon replaces the sun as sovereign over the land.
Night Eternal night and darkness descend upon the world as the dead groan in misery.
Main Interface Voice The chill of winter has passed, but there are those who will never see the spring ever again...
The voices of the spirits cannot be heard with the ear. The only way is by sensing them with your soul.
A slumbering face is as peaceful and serene as a newborn child...
Although we find ourselves in quite a surprising place, perhaps we might be able to make an interesting discovery outdoors...
Interactive Voice Hehehe...
Would you like me to recite a poem for you?
Mph... Ngh...
Relationship Dialogues The bodies of the dead will ultimately rot and decay into nothing, but their spirits continue to haunt this world. However... will the day come when even consciousness fades away?
Those who spend many years in the proximity of death end up developing a certain indifference to it. Even so, they will feel sadness and unease when they witness those around them leaving this vale of tears. On my part, I have seen such things more than once.
To this day, I still cannot forget the reason why I came here. I will never, ever forget. I am here to seek them... To seek a way to reunite with them.
Professor, are you afraid of death? There is no need to be evasive when you speak with me about topics related to death. Relax, and boldly state what you truly think.
Mm... I think I understand now, for the most part. The day will come, whether human or Doll, when our bodies are committed to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Until that day arrives, we ought to do as many meaningful things as possible, no?
Appreciate How wonderful.
Oath How curious... How will others view this bond between us? However, there is no need to worry about the opinions of others now that we have come this far. Now, let us learn the truth of life and death together.
Obtain I am Clotho, tasked with building a bridge between the living and a dead. I also have a faithful follower... You will come to know them soon enough.

Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough I can faintly sense a brightly-burning will beyond.
Neural Expansion We shall guide the souls of the fallen to the land of rest, lest they wander alone and in pain.
Max Neural Expansion
Heaven is the destination of the deceased, and their final resting place.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Preparations complete.
Battle Start Let us pray.
Ultimate Skill Come forth from the grave!
MVP1 May the deceased reach Heaven.
MVP2 ...I did it!
Retreat There are times when I fall too...
By your command.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas A carol rings forth from the depths of a snowy night, and the will of the spirits is made manifest in its quavering melody. This is my gift to you; an iris of purest white to convey my sincerest wishes.
Halloween On this night of the waking dead, all souls shall gather in this phantasmagoric hall, to dance and engage in frenzied revelry...
New Year We have turned to a new page of the album known as "time", and a new destiny is upon us. May everyone receive the happiness they deserve, much like you... Professor.
Tanabata Tanabata... Is that an eastern festival? I heard that on this day, everyone comes together to pray that they will be blessed with happiness. Speaking of which... You do that too, don't you, Professor?
Valentine To sow the seeds of happiness in the world, to sweep away all sorrow and misfortune, I have prepared this special gift just for you, Professor. Please take care of it.
Player's Birthday May the spirits shelter this precious person on this most important of days. Would you like to make a wish then, Professor?


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Good kids should be sleeping around now! Zzzzz...
Afternoon Zzz... Zzz... Ah! Hm? If it isn't the Professor. Do you still have to work in the daytime?
Evening Mmm... (Yawn) Its about time to wake up!
Night Quit sleeping already, get up!
Main Interface Voice A cool breeze~ In winter~ The sunlight~ In spring~
Sometimes, it feels like there's a ghost doing situps inside me.
Lalala~ La~ Lululu~
Professor, it's so boring here in the Ops Room. Why not go out for a walk?
Interactive Voice Ah, you want to lie down and rest inside me for a bit?
What are you banging on me for, there's nobody inside!
How about that? Didn't expect me to talk, huh?
Relationship Dialogues
Moods Ga-hahahahaha!

Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Wow, feels great!
Neural Expansion Whoa, my body feels much harder now!
Max Neural Expansion

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Are we going out? Are we!?
Battle Start Shhh—Quiet.
Ultimate Skill Taste my Tombstone Piledriver!
MVP1 As expected of me.
MVP2 As expected of you.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
New Year
Player's Birthday