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Clotho Profile Quotes


The Mortician-3 is a Universal Anything Services Doll for funerary services. Its primary function is to organize burials and to inter the deceased. In response to the multitude of requirements of the funeral industry, the Mortician-3 is equipped with an advanced database of religious and cultural practices in order to suit the burial needs of the various deceased. Due to the special nature of their work, the Mortician-3's emotional modules are specially optimized for the empathetic processing of complex human emotional data. In addition, the Mortician-3 is furnished with an adjunct coffin-shaped mechanical chassis to facilitate interment work.

Clotho was the prototype unit of the Mortician-3 series. Due to operational accidents during the operation of Clotho and her two mortician Doll colleagues, Project Moirai was suspended. Several months later, at the recommendation of the ex-supervisor of Project Moirai, Clotho and her auxiliary neural cloud Hel passed the screening examinations and joined Project Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Clotho was not so much a Doll that was developed by Universal Anything Services as one who was chosen by them. During a sudden catastrophe, three service Dolls that were rescued from the rubble volunteered to join the funeral procession and participated in the entire burial process for the deceased whose bodies had been recovered. The massive scope of the disaster meant that pictures and videos of the incident spread widely throughout the net, and the sight of three service Dolls bowing and offering flowers to the deceased was a comforting sight for people who were otherwise lost in grief. As a result, there was no denying public opinion about the matter.

Once UAS's recovery department learned about this, they soon sensed a business opportunity. They established a project to perform a comprehensive remodeling of the three Dolls, calling them the Moirai, or the Goddesses of Fate, namely Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho. Atropos was assigned to interact with the kin of the deceased and to handle funeral arrangements. Lachesis would handle deathbed care and load the body into the casket. Finally, Clotho would conduct the funeral itself and take care of the interment process. After the comprehensive fine-tuning and remodeling, the three Dolls began work as prototypes for Project Moirai.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

Beyond UAS's speedy logistics, high-performance bodies, and their comprehensive etiquette modules, the most crucial element was their doubly-enhanced emotional programming—all of them combined to elevate the trio's performance to outstanding levels. The sorrow they felt for the deceased was so realistic that it even managed to soothe the pain of the grieving people. As the researchers basked in their triumph, they forgot one thing; the sincere emotions expressed by the Dolls came from the all-too-real suffering that they felt.

In the final adjustment phase before mass production, the researchers decided to simulate various situations and encounters in the trio's neural clouds in order to further optimize their vaunted emotional programs. That was when it happened.

During a function test, Atropos and Lachesis lost themselves in their simulated emotions and could not free themselves. They could not see or hear anything but weeping and wailing, resulting in them using physical means to forcibly shut down their auditory and visual systems. Clotho was watching all this from the sidelines, and the tremendous impact of this caused her neural cloud to crash.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

By the time Clotho was reawakened, her sisters had been reset, but before she could take in this news, she received a new assignment; to undergo a military-spec modification of her auditory and visual systems ASAP and then proceed to the Laredo Military Sector, where she would assist the local forces in recovering corpses. After arriving at the military sector, Clotho took a long time to sort out her feelings and submit a request to UAS to meet her sisters. However, her military sector fell during the war before UAS HQ could process or grant it.

Reports indicated that during the last hour before the local UAS contingent pulled out of the Laredo residential district, they discovered an A-Doll belonging to a secret company project. Due to damage levels in excess of 79%, no concrete ID could be made by the branch supervisor. After considering the importance of this secret project, the Doll was shipped back to its respective department along with their other equipment. The next month, Clotho and her auxiliary neural cloud Hel cleared the Project Neural Cloud screening tests and were uploaded to Magrasea.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Clotho did not make a good first impression in the Oasis with her ever-present coffin, her habit of singing haunting songs at night, her enigmatic vocabulary during conversations, and so on. However, this initial perception changed after Kuro decided to secretly follow Clotho around for a ghost hunting livestream, where they saw the mysterious, frightening and aloof Clotho cling to Centaureissi's arm like a little girl as they walked back to their dorm together.

Kuro's stream ignited the Oasis' curiosity about Clotho. Hubble, who had always been interested in the occult, extended an invitation to Clotho for afternoon tea. An exclusive interview with Willow revealed that her neural cloud's mental age was only 17. Right after that, Chelsea and Florence "stole" Hel and declared that dark times were upon the Oasis, and when Clotho went out in search of Hel in the middle of the night, she ended up scaring Max until the latter's neural cloud crashed. All this and more made Clotho start to realize how the Oasis was different from other places. Even without Centaureissi, she would smile from time to time and even make the odd joke, slowly revealing a side of herself that was unlike her usual image.

Doll Profile 5[edit]

After Clotho became a friend to everyone, the Dolls could more clearly sense the feelings Clotho had for Centaureissi. Soon, a saying began circulating throughout the Oasis, "If you can't find Clotho, try consulting Centaureissi's work schedule." Meanwhile Centaureissi had long since become used to Clotho's dependence on her. Persicaria noticed that Centaureissi's work efficiency had improved further after Clotho joined the Oasis, and there were more logs of her coming and going from the residential area as well.

Clotho began learning to make sweets from Choco after meeting the latter, and with her guidance, Clotho produced a butterfly-shaped molten chocolate cake, which she gave to Centaureissi on her birthday.

That incident bothered Choco for quite a while. "That's strange, didn't she bake it until it went a little bitter? How come Centaureissi seemed to like it so much?"