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Bren Story Quotes

Story Involvement[edit]

Chapter 8 Night - The Eagle and the Jackdaw[edit]

Bren made a minor appearance in this chapter, doing recon on enemy activities during her team joint operation with Team Steyr.

Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Bren finished doing her training and checked the result, however there was no improvement. Feeling slightly dejected, she went back to her dorm to take a rest. The atmosphere in the dorm was quite lively as SMG IDWThumb button.pngIDW  and AR L85A1Thumb button.pngL85A1  was in the middle of discussing something. They wanted to have a tea party. Their team leader HG WelrodThumb button.pngWelrod  had already given her approval and was currently en route to deliver the invitation to Commander. Bren didn't show any interest in their plan, telling them not to bother her, and went back to her room to rest.

Welrod came back to inform them that Commander would participate, while the other dolls were wondering what's wrong with Bren today. They told their leader about it, and Welrod said she will talk to Bren.

Part 2[edit]

Bren was in the training grounds again today, and there's still no improvement. Welrod came and greeted her, and directly told her that the others were concerned about her. As their team leader, it's one of Welrod's duty to listen to her teammates problem. Bren stated her wish to withdraw from the team. Staying there won't make her stronger, not with people who just leisurely drank tea without any motivation to hone their skills.

Several days later, Bren left to join another team. Her teammates didn't want her to leave, but Bren's decision was already final.

Part 3[edit]

In a certain abandoned warehouse, Bren was pushed back by Sangvis troops and forced to hide. She thought now that she's in a new team, she should be stronger. But reality begged to differ. It was hard enough for her to keep up with the others in her new team. Bren cursed the situation she was in, and began accepting the truth that there's a hard limit she would never be able to overcome.

Still, Bren refused to die there like a dog. She made an oath that if she ever met Welrod again, she would give the answer her former leader asked for back then. Gunfire could be heard from outside the warehouse. When Bren went to investigate, she was surprised to meet Welrod there. Welrod's team was carrying out a mission nearby, and the Commander assigned them to provide support.

The battle ended, L85A1 was so glad that Bren was alright. Bren noticed someone was missing and asked as to IDW's whereabouts. L85A1 told her that IDW was down and in need of emergency repair. Bren told her to tend to IDW, as she had something to discuss with Welrod. Before leaving, L85A1 invited her to join the tea party after the mission was over, and this time Bren obliged.

Bren asked Welrod why she could be strong, and Welrod gave her a simple answer, which left Bren all confused. She was strong because she defended justice. Justice must be strong. Justice was only justice because it was strong. Therefore, someone who defended justice like her must certainly be strong.

Bren had always wanted to become stronger, but she still didn't fully understand what true strength was. Being able to carry out justice at any time was the reason for Welrod to become strong. Bren, on the other hand, didn't have her reason to be strong. Welrod believed that someday, Bren would find her reason.

Part 4[edit]

IDW was overjoyed to learn that Bren was coming back to their team today. L85A1 told her to contain her excitement otherwise Bren would hear her. But it's too late, Bren already arrived at the dorm with her new looks. The two gave her a warm welcome, and congratulated her for the upgrade. Welrod was off to submit their request to Commander, since their plan was suspended until Bren came back.

Bren apologized for all the trouble she had caused, officially announcing that she had returned to the team.

IDW Digimind Upgrade Story[edit]

Bren openly showed her dislikes towards IDW ever since the latter's first day joining their team. She deemed IDW as useless doll who can only trouble her teammates. However, her view gradually changed and softened up after IDW risked her life to draw enemy fire so they could break through Sangvis attacks.

Sten Mk II Digimind Upgrade[edit]

Bren blamed Sten for receiving aid from a human during one of their missions. Sten was getting transferred and Bren was certain that was a punishment for her.