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Full name Snooper
Affiliation Entropics
Class Medic
Artist Unknown

Snooper is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Snooper is classified as Control, Heal, Low Entropy.

  • Debilitating Gaze (8s): Summons a contaminated area with a radius of 1 tile around the ally with the lowest % of HP, lasting for 6 seconds. Allies in this area regain HP equals to 40% Hashrate every second; enemies in the area are Blinded. Gains Super Armor while casting. (Blinded: Debuff, Normal Attacks have an 80% chance of being dodged ; Super Armor: Remove existing control effects, and grant immunity to control effects except Expulsion, Suppression and Forced Dash.)


Snoopers are regular Entropic enemies making their debut in Chapter 6.