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Nyto White

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Nyto White Assimilated Assimilated (Alt) Quotes
Full name Nyto White
Affiliation Paradeus
Voice actor Itou Shizuka
Released on CN (涅托 白), TW (涅托 白), KR (하얀 니토) , EN (Nyto_White), JP (ネイト(白))
Chibi animation

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Low-rank Nyto commanding Nyto Black. Formerly nicknamed “Polarday” after one of her attacks.


A single Nyto White makes her appearance in Major Event Continuum Turbulence. The Nyto Supporter variant is introduced in Fixed Point.


This enemy has two skills:

  • White Night (or “Polarday” in CN): Shield self while charging up power. The longer the shield is up, the more instances of damage and the bigger the area of effect, up to a maximum of 3 instances of damage. Enemy Dolls with a black marker on them grant her extra shields if they are hit.
  • Bonds: Deal explosive damage to three Dolls. Dolls who take explosive damage from the Black Nyto gain black markers while Dolls who take explosive damage from the White Nyto gain white markers.

Lore / Story involvement

While multiple Black Nyto are seen in Continuum Turbulence, the Nyto-type doll commanding them is a singular, higher-ranked White Nyto. Compared to the more emotionless Black Nytos, Nyto White is particularly arrogant and ruthless, inspiring fear in friend and foe alike. This fear is quite justified, as shown when she kicks one of her underlings through a wall for daring to walk in front of her, even in a dangerous breaching scenario. Like her lesser Black Nyto sisters, she is partly biological in nature, as shown at the end of Continuum Turbulence after RF M82A1Thumb button.pngM82A1  shoots her in the head, "bursting it like a watermelon."

Dialogue from a Nyto Black during the last mission of Continuum Turbulence, "White Puppet", seems to indicate that Nyto White seems to have some semblance of mortality, as she warns her older sister that her next body will not retain the same soul. Whether this soul is something tangible, such as T-Doll memories, or if it's a more spiritual "human soul", is unknown.