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Nyto White/Quotes

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Nyto White Assimilated Assimilated (Alt) Quotes


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
MEET 现从属于格里芬的丧葬部队,为各位提供死后祈祷~ 今の私は、グリフィンに服従する葬儀部隊。死後の祈祷くらいはしてあげよう。 현재 그리폰에 종속된 상조 부대가, 여러분께 사후 기도 서비스를 제공하겠어. The burial squad, now affiliated with Griffin, will recite prayers for you after you die~
SKILL01 做个好梦。 いい夢見させてあげる。 좋은 꿈 꾸게 해줄게. Sweet dreams.
DEAD01 若痛苦可以在这里结束的话…… 痛みが……ここで終わるというのなら…… 여기서 이대로 고통이 끝난다면... If only my pain would end here...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GAIN01 事到如今还需要自我介绍吗?“涅托”,帕拉蒂斯的基石,从今天开始也是你的工具了。 今更自己紹介なんて必要?「ネイト」。パラデウスの礎が、今日からあなたの道具になる。Play 이제 와서 자기소개가 필요할까? ...패러데우스의 초석, "니토". 오늘부터는 당신의 도구야. Do you still need me to introduce myself at this point? I am a "Nyto", the building block of Paradeus' forces, and from today onward I will be your tool.
GAIN02 底层指令改写,效忠目标重定向……指引我的方向吧,指挥官…… 中枢命令変更。奉仕対象を再設定……私を導いてね、指揮官……Play 중추 명령 수정, 복종 대상 재설정... 나를 이끌어줘 지휘관. Base layer overwritten, allegiance has been reoriented to... Give me direction, Commander...
DIALOGUE01 我看见那个黑色的东西了,真让人不快。叫她艾德琳?这是她的名字?那和我有什么关系。 黒いのを見かけたけど、本当に不愉快極まりない。アデリン?それがあいつの名前なんだ?ふーん、だから何?Play 검은 것이 보이는데, 정말 불쾌하네. "아델린"? 그게 저것의 이름이야? 그게 어쨌는데? I saw that black thing, it displeases me. You want me to call her Adeline? Is that her name? How is that any of my concern?
DIALOGUE02 用武力去保护什么,而不是完全致力于破坏……你的工作还挺有意思的嘛。 破壊のためではなく、何かを守るために力を振るう……あなたのお仕事って、とっても面白い。Play 힘으로 그저 파괴하는 것이 아니라, 무언가를 지킨다... 매우 재미있는 일을 하는구나. So you protect something with military force, instead of devoting yourself to destruction... Your job is quite interesting.
DIALOGUE03 我不在乎你怎么对待我,你也不用问我的名字。但要是想对我做过分的事的话,得先问过我手里的东西哦~ どんな風に扱われても気にしないし、私を名前で呼ぶ必要もない。けど、過ぎた真似をしようものなら、私の手にあるものと問答してもらうことになる。Play 날 어떻게 취급하든, 이름으로 부르든 말든 상관 없지만, 선 넘는 짓을 한다면 먼저 내 손의 이 친구한테 물어봐야 할 거야. I don't care how you treat me and you don't need to ask my name. But if you go too far with me, you will have to answer to the thing I'm holding in my hands~
DIALOGUEWEDDING 在看什么呢,指挥官?先放一下,让我看看你……嗯,我确定了。这样的生活是真的,我没有做梦。 何を見てるの、指揮官?今はそんなことより、顔を見せて……うん、確信した。これは夢じゃない、現実なんだって。Play 무얼 보고 있어, 지휘관? 그거 잠깐 내려두고, 얼굴을 좀 보여줘... 응, 확인했어. 지금 이 삶은 꿈이 아닌 현실이란 걸. What are you looking at, Commander? Relax for a moment and let me look at you... Mm, I'm certain of it now. This life is real, and I'm not dreaming.
SOULCONTRACT 像我这样的人,帕拉蒂斯还有很多,你难道每个都要救吗? 不管你怎么想,现在和你订立誓约的人是我,叫我的名字,“埃莉诺”。 那么,“埃莉诺”是你一个人的了。 私みたいな人なら、パラデウスに腐るほどいるよ。まさかあなた、全員を助けるつもりじゃないよね? 何か企んでいたとしても、今あなたと誓約を立てようとしているのは私に他ならない。私の名前を呼んでくれる?「アリーナ」って。 これで「アリーナ」は、あなただけのもの。Play 나 같은 것은 패러데우스에 잔뜩 있어. 그들을 전부 구원할 셈이야? 무슨 생각이든, 지금 당신과 서약하는 것은 나야. 나를 이름으로, "알리나"라 불러줘. ...그럼, "알리나"는 이제 당신만의 것이야. There are many people like me in Paradeus. Are you going to save each and every one of them? No matter what you may think, right now, I am the one who has established an oath with you. Call me by my name, "Alina". And now, "Alina" belongs to you and you alone.
HELLO 这么慢的话,小心我把你的人形全部玩废掉哦? そんなにのんびりしてると、あなたのお人形さんをうっかり壊してしまうかも?Play 자꾸 이렇게 늦게 오시면, 당신의 인형들을 모두 망가뜨려 버립니다? Aren't you worried that I'll play with all your Dolls until they break if you're this slow?
FORMATION01 真是一群无知的羔羊呢。 ほんと、頭の空っぽな子羊たち。Play 아무것도 모르는 양들이로군. What a flock of ignorant sheep.
FORMATION02 别站在我前面,小心你们的脑袋。 私の前に立ってないで、おつむの心配でもしたら?Play 머리가 날아가기 싫다면 내 앞에 서지 마. Don't stand in front of me if you value your heads.
FORMATION03 作战对吧?计划给我,你可以回去了。 戦うんでしょう?計画を伝えてくれたら、あなたは帰っていいよ。Play 싸움이지? 계획만 주고 당신은 돌아가도 돼. A battle, is it? Just give me the plan, you can go home now.
FEED01 一点也不痛,这个真的有用吗? ちっとも痛くないけど、本当に効果あるの?Play 하나도 안 아프네. 정말 효과 있는 것 맞아? It doesn't hurt a bit, is this really effective?
FEED02 嘛,举行仪式的话这个强度应该够用吧? まあこれで、儀式を行うには十分な強度になったかな?Play 뭐, 의식을 치르는 데 이 정도 힘이면 충분하겠지. Well, I guess this amount of strength should be enough if you're conducting a ritual?
UPGRADE01 我不觉得有什么问题。她被我吃掉,就证明我比她更强。 何の問題もないと思うけど。彼女を食べちゃえば、彼女より強くなるってことでしょ。Play 아무 문제없다고 봐. 그녀를 내가 잡아먹는 건 내가 더 강하다는 뜻이니까. I do not feel there is a problem. The fact that I consumed her proves that I am stronger than her.
UPGRADE02 渗透,控制,杀死。 浸透、制圧、抹殺。Play 침투, 지배, 말살. Infiltrate, dominate, terminate.
BLACKACTION 这种程度的东西交给我可是屈才……算了,随你吧。 こういうの、私には役不足だと思うけど……いいよ、あなたに従う。Play 이딴 일을 내게 맡기다니, 실력 낭비네... 뭐, 마음대로 해. Handing me a task like this is an insult to my skills... Never mind,

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GOATTACK 方向确定,前进吧。 目標を決定。行こう。Play 방향이 정해졌다, 전진해. Direction confirmed. Advance.
MEET 现从属于格里芬的丧葬部队,为各位提供死后祈祷~ 今の私は、グリフィンに服従する葬儀部隊。死後の祈祷くらいはしてあげよう。Play 현재 그리폰에 종속된 상조 부대가, 여러분께 사후 기도 서비스를 제공하겠어. The burial squad, now affiliated with Griffin, will recite prayers for you after you die~
SKILL01 做个好梦。 いい夢見させてあげる。Play 좋은 꿈 꾸게 해줄게. Sweet dreams.
SKILL02 以我的指挥者之名。 我が指揮官の名のもとに。Play 나의 지휘자의 이름으로. In the name of my leader.
SKILL03 死者腐朽,生者祈祷。 死者は腐朽し、生者は祈祷を捧げる。Play 죽은 자는 썩고, 산 자는 기도한다. The dead rot, while the living pray.
DEAD01 若痛苦可以在这里结束的话…… 痛みが……ここで終わるというのなら……Play 여기서 이대로 고통이 끝난다면... If only my pain would end here...
DEAD02 请……为我祈祷。 私のために……祈ってくれる……?Play 나를 위해서... 기도해줘... Please...pray for me.
RETREAT 快走,我来殿后。 早く行って、殿は私がやる。Play 뒤는 내게 맡기고 어서 가. Move quickly, I will cover the rear.
WIN 来吧,是我替亡者祈祷的时候了。 さあ、亡者に祈りを捧げるよ。Play 자아, 망자에게 기도를 올릴 시간이야. Come, it is time for me to pray in place of the deceased.
FIX 都破成这个样子了,还要修理吗? こんなに壊れちゃってる。それでも修理するの?Play 이렇게까지 망가져도 고쳐주는 거야? Are you still going to fix me after I've been broken this badly?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
ATTACK 死吧。 死ね。Play 죽어. Die.
DEFENSE 护盾扩散。 シールド、拡大。Play 실드 전개. Deploy shield.
BREAKTHROUGH01 不用这么温柔仔细,我不怕疼。 そんなに優しくしてくれなくてもいいよ。痛いのは平気だもの。Play 그렇게 조심할 것 없어, 아픈 건 안 무서우니까. No need to be so gentle, I'm not afraid of pain.
BREAKTHROUGH02 拼拼凑凑的强化,结果居然还不错呢。 適当な強化も、案外悪くない。Play 그냥 대충대충 강화한 것인데, 결과적으론 나쁘지 않군. This is a patchwork enhancement, but the results are surprisingly good.
PHRASE 嘻嘻。(很轻的,戏谑的笑声) フフッ。Play 히히. Hehe (a very quiet, mocking laugh)
MOOD1 嗯哼。 Play 우훗. Mmhmm.
MOOD2 唔! えっPlay 음! Ngh!
APPRECIATE 很好,很好。 いいね。Play 좋아. Very good, very good.
ACCEPT 的确不错呢。 悪くない。Play 괜찮아. Indeed, that is good.
TIP 背熟这些会发生什么呢? これって、覚えたらどうなるの?Play 이거 다 외우면 뭐 있어? What happens if I memorize all of these?
LOADING 进来吧,门没有锁。 入って。鍵はかけてないから。Play 들어와, 문 안 잠겼어. Come in, the door's not locked.
TITLECALL 少女前线 少女前線Play 소녀전선. Girls Frontline.

Alina - Mosasaur Rider[edit]

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GAIN01 Play That's quite the reaction from you, Commander. It's just a change of parts; do you choose your tools based on their looks?
GAIN02 Play Even if my appearance has changed, my loyalty to you is still the same, Commander.
DIALOGUE01 Play Are you going to watch me every time I leave? You really are a strange one, Commander. We've been together for so long that I thought you'd be sick of looking at my back by now.
DIALOGUE02 Play The ocean is truly a strange place. So many species that once shook the world with their footfalls have gone extinct with the passing of time, but tiny, commonplace creatures like these have thrived until this day.
DIALOGUE03 Play You don't want me bullying the others anymore? How does this count as "bullying"? The strong feeding upon the weak and the survival of the fittest are the rules of nature.
DIALOGUEWEDDING Play When are you taking me to the beach? I forbid you from bringing anyone else along, especially that interfering black thing. We'll walk by the shore and play in the water, just the two of us.
SOULCONTRACT Play Have you heard a whale song before? It's how whales communicate, using specific sound frequencies. I once thought I was the loneliest whale on earth until you answered my call. But should you stop answering me someday, I will dye the entire ocean red.
HELLO Play Come swim a few laps with me, Commander. If you say no, I'll pick one of your Dolls to be my surfboard.
FORMATION01 Play Stand back and don't get in my way.
FORMATION02 Play Either you become the strongest predator in the ocean, or you resign yourself to becoming prey.
FORMATION03 Play This bunch is only good for being my minions.
FEED01 Play Griffin's strengthening rituals are surprisingly gentle.
FEED02 Play Power is often taken, but I have only ever seen it offered in this place.
UPGRADE01 Play It is their honor to be the ingredients for my strength.
UPGRADE02 Play This is the path Fate has guided me on.
BLACKACTION Play That's alright; it's a simple task.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
GOATTACK Play Let's go sound the funeral chime for those lost souls.
MEET Play Listen, the spirits of the drowned dead are calling to you...
SKILL01 Play Destroy them! Destroy them all!
SKILL02 Play Feel the chill of the grave!
SKILL03 Play The tide is surging!
DEAD01 Play The darkness washes over me like the waves...
DEAD02 Play Is this where I will slumber eternally?
RETREAT Play Don't let Death seize our heels.
WIN Play Let us pray for the fallen.
FIX Play Can we hurry this up? I'm about to fall asleep.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
ATTACK Play Wipe them all out!
DEFENSE Play One last bit of patience...
BREAKTHROUGH01 Play To think all those small fry I ate could bring about such a big change.
BREAKTHROUGH02 Play Even tiny waves added up can have the force of a tsunami.
PHRASE Play Hehe (A quiet, mocking laugh)
MOOD1 Play Mhm.
MOOD2 Play Hng!
APPRECIATE Play Good, good.
ACCEPT Play That's very good.
TIP Play This hint is lame, but you might as well look at it.
LOADING Play I'm extremely impatient, you know.
TITLECALL 少女前线 少女前線Play 소녀전선 Girls' Frontline