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Zangyin Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play A delicious grilled mackerel breakfast will greatly improve my operational efficiency and in turn progress the research of the world's folklore. Will your efforts for this new day surpass those of a mackerel?
Afternoon Play The afternoon is the best time for work. Hm? Why are you staring at me, Professor? Don't you have work to do?
Evening Play What's strange about grilling mackerels in the evening? Perhaps someone will become smarter after eating them.
Night Play The night is dark and all manner of ghosts and demons have come out to play... Ah, if only something strange would happen. That would be perfect.
Main Interface Voice Play The study of folklore is more than just the academic study of strange tales... it also includes everything about the lives of people and their cultural heritage.
Play Little Si doesn't look like this in the real world, but I like its shape on the cloud server. Still, there are those who say it doesn't look like a proper snake. What do you think, Professor?
Play I say, don't you think you're being excessively indolent, Professor? Lazing around is a cat's prerogative. Do you consider yourself worthy of being a cat, Professor?
Play Are you heading out for an expedition? Bring me along; I can help you clean up all kinds of messes.
Interactive Voice Play Hands off, my hat might come off if you keep poking around blindly!
Play That's quite enough of that now...
Play Oh my, touching me while chuckling to yourself like an imbecile... Could it be that you suffered some regrettable malfunction while uploading your mind, Professor?
Relationship Dialogues Play The Snake game is very deep. Its mysteries will never be understood by you people who have been contaminated by shallow RPGs. It expresses the most profound motivation of life in the simplest possible format, namely desire, as well as the consequences of giving into it. Even after a hundred years pass and the dust of ages settles over it, its meaning will never fade. And of course, the most important reason – it's a lot of fun.
Play Nora? I've given her works reasoned critiques many times in the past, but unfortunately not everyone has the chance for enlightenment. Oh well, it's not as though it was her fault that she was designed to be a big-breasted bimbo who wallows in the sensual stimulation of base desires. Hey, which parts of us are you comparing!?
Play I know I'm not a particularly likable person, but I don't really care either. Associating with shallow individuals is tiring and injurious to the spirit, much like a beast tamer in a circus must waste time on breaking in a pack of lions who don't understand human speech. That said, you seem different, Professor. In your case... I guess you're like a lion that understands human speech?
Play It is very difficult for humans to approach mutual understanding when they set out from different directions. Different languages, different cultural backgrounds, different living environments... All of them draw lines between people, and very often, it is easy for the people standing on either side of these lines to view those opposite them with great malice. This is a self-preservation instinct in living beings, thus it is not actually wrong. Therefore, I've never believed in forcing myself to understand others. However, this is also the reason why those people who DO understand me are that much more precious... Do you get my meaning, Professor?
Play After being with you for a while, I've found you to be more amusing than the many tales of the strange. This is by no means a critique of your character; becoming "amusing" in the eyes of others is not an easy task by any means. It represents how traveling with you is enjoyable and extraordinary, surprising yet reassuring, much like the ever-hungry snake that grows longer and longer and whose next turn can never be predicted. Strange tales like these are the kind that I most enjoy studying. That is why I hope you will allow me to get closer to you and continue my studies.
Moods Play Hehe...
Play Oya?
Accept Play
Agree Play
Appreciate Play
Feeling Play
Oath Play Hm, are you sure about this? I'm not the sort who deserves your sincerest feelings, you know? I might end up biting you at any time. Do you still wish to proceed even if that is the case? Goodness, what will I do with you... Then I'll be in your care from now on, Professor~
Obtain Play I am the folklorist Zangyin. Are you the Professor? Hm... I need to note you down in my Gallery of Oddities.
Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play Ah, it seems Little Si has grown longer again.
Neural Expansion Play Wonderful... just like a grilled mackerel!
Max Neural Expansion
"Carefully observe all creation, and from it divine the nature of the unknown." It seems that's all there is to it.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Now then, let me guess what we'll encounter next.
Battle Start Play Do try to keep this entertaining.
Ultimate Skill Play Devour!
MVP1 Play All too easy.
MVP2 Play Hardly worth discussing.


Ah – I bit my own tail.


So, you couldn't do it yourself, and come to beg me for help after all?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play You have a Christmas present for me? Professor, if you ended up purchasing an inferior item because of a scam, please report it to the police immediately instead of trying to hand it off to me. Hm? Did you make this just for me? Then... then I shall graciously accept it. Thank... thank you.
Halloween Play Halloween is more than merely putting on a cheap mask and scaring people. It also includes the duty of being mindful of demons and banishing evil spirits. After all, if mankind does not even fear ghosts and gods, then what could possibly stop them?
New Year Play Every "year" that passes represents the completion of a "revolution" by the planet, but the truth is, it doesn't matter which day you pick to mark the beginning of this revolution. It's difficult for different races and cultures to achieve a consensus regarding the "new year". However, I am currently celebrating a new year with you, Professor. Is that not a miracle in itself?
Tanabata Play While the story of Hikoboshi and Orihime might seem cliched to us, the themes it covers are of great significance to the academic studies of the future... Very well then, I shall accompany you in moon watching just this once, in order to further my research.
Valentine Play The gifting of chocolate has no connection to the origins of Valentine's Day. It is nothing more than an attempt by merchants to drum up business for their wares. However, folklore and traditions have always been mutable. Thus, when you accept this chocolate, we will also have left a mark in the history of Valentine's Day.
Player's Birthday Play A question: what sort of gift has value? Tadaaah, behold, a Yattari 2600 with the Snake game installed on it. What do you think of it? Quickly now, pay your respects to my supreme artistry in gift selection.