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X95 Story Quotes

Story Involvement[edit]


X95 made her debut in Isomer chapter 1. Since they're going to be busy for the next few days, she urged her fellow dolls to rest when they're having a philosophical discussion about humans' nature and war. In the end, she herself caught in the discussion by giving her views about the topic. Later during conference day, she disguised herself as a waitress to provide Commander situation updates from inside the conference hall.

In chapter 2, she helped in protecting and evacuating the civilians after Belgrade was under attack from Paradeus. But she caught on the bad side of humanity, and treated as a monster by people she's saved. She could only apologized, and hoped the conflict will soon end so there will be no more casualties from the civilian side.

Mother's Day message[edit]

A message received from X95 on May 9th.

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"Remember to think of your family!"

Dear Commander,

How long have you not talked to your family? Maybe you just talked to them yesterday, but today is an important day, so you'd better contact them again.

Mother's Day... Mother's Day. For a human, a mother is someone as close as a developer is to a Doll - or perhaps even closer?

I have no such experience, but I suppose being a mother is nothing like developing a Doll.

Two people come together to conceive a whole new life with a completely unknown future - unlike a T-Doll, whose result is clear before its creation. What is the child's personality? Are they an ordinary person or a genius? Does the child have any unfortunate defect...? For a woman to let a life stay in her belly for ten month, then risk her own life to give birth - while everything is so uncertain... She really puts everything on the line to become a mother, and this is what makes mothers so great. No matter what it is that has driven a mother and her child apart, I'm sure she must have loved her child during the ten months when she was carrying them. After all, she risked it all to have the baby.

I wonder what your mother's like? Does she know you're a Griffin Commander? I would love to meet her if I ever get the chance...