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WA2000 Story Quotes Live2D


Official character description of WA2000 would comment that she has a calm and focused personality, topped with having a prideful character. She thinks she is an instrument used for killing and she also pursuits the "The Art of Pure Assassination". She claims that she does not wish to get overly attached with emotions, but the truth is that she is just not very good at being part of a group.

She is by all definitions a "tsundere". She is also afraid of ghosts, despite the fact that she is a T-Doll.

The artist Duoyuanjun was interviewed on the 27/10/2016 GF Baidu Tieba forum News magazine, Edition 2-3, where he answered various character setting of WA2000, translated lines are below, original text available in reference section.

WA2000 prefers sweet food, surprisingly she likes black bread.
She likes furry animals, but slightly afraid of large dog breeds, though she is not the type that would uncontrollable approach and pet, but she would attempt to make physical contact, slowly and carefully. Like most people, she would utter strange words uncontrollably when petting animals, which she considers to be embarrassing, so one can rarely see WA2000 pet animals in public. She absolutely cannot stand bugs. She is also the type that gets attacked by birds, so birds are also out of question.
During the summer beach season her skin got turned to a healthy looking tanned colour, it took a lot of time and work to get it back to normal, she intentionally hid herself from the Commander during the period that she was tanned.
WA2000 is absolutely hopeless when it comes to culinary, it doesn't stop her from practicing, it drives her to tears when witnessed the tiny improvement she made after a long period of practice. Out of happiness however, the showpiece falls out of her hand.
She has a tendency of pranking the Commander when she is in an unhappy mood, but the pranks often backfires on her. One time where she mixed wasabi flavour candy with normal candies and presented them to the Commander, but out of excitement of engaging in a conversation with the Commander and have forgotten all about the candies, she ate the wasabi one. Another time she drank the salted coffee instead of the sugared one.
She would become jealous upon seeing the Commander being with another T-doll, to a state where the Commander can feel the cold aura she emits, luckily it wouldn't progress to hatred of the other T-dolls. She deeply cares for her love interest but she isn't very good at verbally expressing herself. Daily greetings are enough to make her happy on the inside. The act of further conversing and gifting presents would be the absolute happiness WA2000 could ever hope for.[1][2]

Story Involvement[edit]

WA2000 interacted with the story during chapter 1 night missions.

WA2000's costumes Castle Adventure, Snowy Appointment and Ballroom Interlude all described her side story interactions with the Commander during 2016's Messy Halloween, 2016's Tactical Christmas and 2017's Anniversary events.


"This is classified information!"

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Special Delivery to Sector S09[edit]

SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  was tasked with resupply and Intel collection mission into the newly regained Sector S09, one of the informants was WA2000.

Arriving at the first rendezvous point, MP5 reported her progress to both MG MG5Thumb button.pngMG5  and the Commander, but she is unable to find the informant, MP5 thinks maybe she is hidden somewhere. A voice speaks out from an unknown direction: "Since it is a reconnaissance mission, it's obvious I should be hiding myself.", WA2000's sudden remark gave MP5 a fright, WA2000 reminded MP5 to quiet down, the Ferri units are close by. Soothing MP5's fright, WA2000 exchanged Intel with MP5. Stating that she is currently fine but the battle situation on the other hand, no so much, the newly regained sector this morning is now swarming with armored Ferri units at night.

Curious on how MP5 managed to sneaked all the way deep in the territory, MP5 revealed that she was escorted by the local Commander, WA2000's voice raised out of embarrassment upon hearing the Commander being on the channel, MP5 reminded her to quiet down as there are still Ferri units near by. WA2000 formally greeted the Commander, with short and stuttering words, MP5 comments on WA2000's report being short and her red cheeks. WA2000 is even more riled up: "What, I'm not blushing, after all I'm born for the missions, it's normal that I'm not good with words!".

Having acquired the Intel, MP5 presented the supplies AR G36Thumb button.pngG36  procured for WA2000, chocolate flavoured ice cream. WA2000 is suddenly excited, but she reminded MP5 that she must not tell anyone because WA2000 consider this hobby of hers being rather embarrassing. MP5 apologized at this point, stating that the communication channel to the Commander was never closed.

Costume story: Castle Adventure[edit]

Costume story changed, story rewriting in progress.


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Costume story: Snowy Appointment[edit]

In the season of love and understanding, the Commander made a promise to attend to a snowy appointment with WA2000.

Christmas is a festival of celebration, but however for a large military base such as G&K HQ to celebrate, a lot of preparations must be done before hands. After checking the base preparation, decorations and gifts, the Commander was about to head off to inspect the food and beverages storage. The Commander came across WA2000 in front of the beverages storage, according to Springfield, WA2000 was in charge of guarding the beverages. WA2000 greeted the Commander and asked why he is here, the Commander replied saying that he is checking the supply status, WA2000 commented saying that there aren't any needs for that since she is the one on guard here. The Commander insisted to perform the check up as part of his duty, "Don't steal any booze ok, even if you are the Commander...", WA2000 is acting a bit strange today, "So in your eyes I'm just an alcoholic?", "No, not at all! I'm just reminding you! Make it quick, I still have work to do.", with this brief exchange of words WA2000 followed the Commander in the storage warehouse.

While checking the logistic list, the Commander quickly noticed five bottles of missing champagnes, when the Commander asked WA2000 about this she replied saying that those were accidentally smashed while the movers moved them in the warehouse, she didn't report it to the Commander because she felt like it was too trivial, she was about to go into the city and buy them before the Commander showed up. The Commander offered to accompany WA2000 to the liquor shop as an apology for delaying her work, "Well, if you really wanted to, I suppose you can...", WA2000 agreed to this.

The two arrived at the commercial district of the city, making their way down the street, the Commander ponders about WA2000's outfit today. Today she is wearing winter casual wear, no difference from any other teenage girls on the street, except for this massive bag she is carrying on her shoulder. The Commander questions the large luggage, "Unless stated otherwise, us T-dolls are ordered to carry our weapons around at all times!", the Commander points out the excessive size of the baggage probably contains more than her sniper rifle, such as fluffy toys dangling on the outside. "No, don't touch them! Those are just some... Ordinary gifts...", the Commander offers to carry bag for her to reduce her carrying load, but he got rejected again, "Hurry up and buy the champagnes, otherwise I'm blaming you when I get scold by Springfield!", hearing this from WA2000, the Commander apologized again and the two hurried up to the liquor shop.

"I'm keeping this wine label because things from my homeland are rare, I not keeping it for the sake of gratitude to the Commander or anything like that."

Arriving at the shelf, the Commander quickly picked out the correct brand of champagne and placed five in the shopping cart, he noticed WA2000 lingering at the wine shelf while on the way to the counter, the Commander asks whether there were anything left out on the list. "...Glühwein. This is what they drink during Christmas from my homeland.", hearing this the Commander made a decision, he reached for the wine WA2000 set her eyes on and placed it in the shopping cart, "Commander, that isn't on the list.", the Commander replied with "It's on me, I just want to taste this wine, will you share it with me later?", "If you really want to, I suppose I can be convinced to do that...". With that being said, WA2000 pushed the cart to the counter, though her tone of voice sounded neglectful, but the Commander knows she will attend the appointment, evident from that smile he saw on WA2000's face as she turned away.

Later that day inside the beverage warehouse, WA2000 on her lone guard duty is reminded of the event that happened earlier that day, regarding the five bottles of champagnes and the toughest decision WA2000 ever encountered in her life. "Sigh... They are all so troublesome...", WA2000 speaks to herself with the bottle of glühwein in her hand, earlier that day a couple of naughty T-Dolls showed up to the warehouse begged WA2000 to let them have the champagnes, the band of mischievous dolls overwhelms WA2000 all at once, "Please, this is an important chain in our grand plan!", "Here, have these, these are our self improved mechanical pets, look how fluffy they are!", "Please WA-chan, just five bottles!", "Don't tell anyone!". She could not resist the fluffiness, she gave in, she now stares at her backpack filled with the bribe items, "What to do now, should I tell the Commander about the prank now set in motion by me? Ahh, whatever, if he can't handle it he wouldn't be the Commander...". She stood up, placed he bottle of glühwein on the desk, "I've been busy all day, I'll consider this wine as my reward... When to open this though... Hmmm, alright, when 'that' time comes."

Later that night, the grand prank was successfully suppressed, the not so fitting Christmas music didn't effect the mood that much, everyone continues to celebrate until mid night. WA2000 approached the Commander, who is sitting in a corner having a break after the long and tiresome day of festival, she is holding two glasses of red liquid, "What's wrong, WA, don't you want to drink with the others?", WA replied saying "You're free now anyway, it's pitiful seeing you all alone, so I shall accompany you for a bit...", WA2000 sat down next to the Commander, the fragrance of the wine spreads fast, "Here you are Sir, as promised earlier.", "Merry Christmas WA.", the two cheers, "...Merry Christmas.".

Costume story: Ballroom Interlude[edit]


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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