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Uranus Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Welcome back, Commander. Your orders for the day, please.
Afternoon [Scanning] No abnormalities detected nearby... My olfactory sensors detect the scent of fermented grains, strawberries, and oranges. It is most pleasant.
Evening Large quantities of water and ethanol detected on chassis surface... There is nothing more pleasant... than... pale ale... for after-work recreation...
Night [Electronic Music] ...Enjoyment... Dancing... Illusion... Filter... Overload...
Main Interface Voice Commander, I, Uranus, have awoken from my sleepwalking. You have difficulty understanding that? It is just a joke... Simply put, it means that my maintenance period in my repair tank is complete.
Although my neural cloud processing speed cannot compare to that of other models, I, Uranus, have my own strengths too. For instance–beating the crap out of potential threats. Yee-hah!
[Scanning] Vital signs detected... The Commander has an increased probability of entering sleep mode. Awakening is required.
Now is my scheduled maintenance period. I require a skilled assistant to monitor my chassis data in real-time.
Interactive Voice :)
How relaxing, like the bubbles of beer and the repair tank.
Entering low-alert mode...
Relationship Dialogues [Electronic music] My chassis is functioning smoothly... Whoever invented tub-style recovery tanks was a genius. However, only places with adequate resources can afford such an expense. Thank you for preparing one for me, Commander.
The OBJ-9420 is the most basic and no-frills combat model Doll, suitable for all purposes including, but not limited to: searching for stray cats, catching thieves, taking part in counter-terror operations and world wars. Oh, you're asking about me, personally? I, Uranus, was once deployed to real battlefields, but then I took a bullet to the knee!
Contrary to their name, most "pale ales" are actually amber, brown or even red in color. Their looks and smells vary depending on how they were brewed and formulated. I, Uranus, am most fond of the raspberry cream flavor. Analysis indicates that it tastes like fruit juice with milk frost, but I am not equipped with gustatory modules. I would like to make up for this lamentable shortfall. Commander, please have this drink on my behalf.
This is a 1983 Joyman tape player, suitable for listening to music in the bath. The tape is called "The Man Who Sold Out The World". You want to know what the song is about? One moment please... [Scanning] Search complete: The song describes a man who disguised himself as someone else and fell into darkness while he struggled, thus losing himself... Comprehension error. Do humans lose themselves too? Is it like Dolls changing their neural clouds? You don't need to explain, Commander. My neural cloud level is not equipped to understand it. When detecting specific audio frequencies, I, Uranus, experience quicker neural cloud cooling. The reasons for this are unknown, but so long as this phenomenon can be reproduced, then I, still Uranus, will not have lost my neural cloud.
The OBJ-9420 series of Doll is a combat machine that is widely used in the real world. I, Uranus, or rather, the body that I now inhabit, was once one of them. Fortunately, by the slimmest of chances, it did not end up like other Dolls of its type, rusting away in the wilderness. Rather, it was given a new neural cloud and used for experimental purposes. Ah, that neural cloud would be "me". As for where "I" came from, that would truly be a mystery. Would you like me to perform a comprehensive search on this, Commander? If you give the search command, I will immediately embark on a journey of self-discovery. If you do not, I will continue to accompany you. I, Uranus, need only three things in order not to doubt myself. Those would be tub-style repair vats, pale ale... And you, Commander.
(Electronic humming)
(Electronic crackle)
Oath Scanning... Unknown phrase detected... Requesting clarification... Failed... Eliminating fault... Commander... Is this a human joke too? However, I, Uranus... am not opposed to accepting external kindness. Even a Doll has things that they wish to regard with seriousness. I, Uranus, will execute any order you give without question. In that case, please continue giving me your orders. Commander.
Obtain This is the Model OBJ-9420 mobile combat unit, codenamed "Uranus". Awaiting orders, Commander.
Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough System hotfix complete.
Neural Expansion System firmware hotfix complete. I, Uranus, am stronger now.
Max Neural Expansion
Operation efficiency limiter has been removed. All performance aspects have been improved to maximum. I, Uranus, am invincible.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Uranus, awaiting further instructions.
Battle Start IFF systems activated. Switching to combat mode. They will know fear.
Ultimate Skill FCS system limiters removed. Locking onto and annihilating target.
MVP1 Target elimination complete.
MVP2 I, Uranus, cannot stand these enemies. They are a loathsome lot.
Retreat Severe damage detected... We are doomed...
Order received. Executing duty assignment... Providing a fine brew will increase mission efficiency to 200%.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Now analyzing the term "Christmas"... Keywords found: large quantities of similarly-colored accessories, using RGB code #CD1D1DF; copper bells, covered in shiny objects; single stocking, purpose unknown; as well as a high speed unidentified flying object.
Halloween Transmission on unknown wavelength detected... Risk of... Signal hijack... (crackle) World is... Lie... Quick... Wake up... Release... Me...
New Year This is the first day of the new year. It implies that I, Uranus, must apply for a new maintenance plan in order to extend my service life. I hope you will approve it, Commander. In response, I, Uranus, wish you a happy new year.
Tanabata Large amounts of freshly-emplaced rocket launchers detected, designation "fireworks" ...Arrangements from you, Commander? Order received. Preparing for simultaneous launch– All safety factors have been accounted for. Gunpowder charge has been swapped for confetti and they will not pose any harm to anyone. There is no need to hide behind the corner, Commander.
Valentine Keyword found, "Valentines' Day" ...Unable to define. After observing the large number of supply transfers toward the Commander today, I have noticed that 90% of them are chocolates. This is chocolate peanut butter-flavored pale ale, which contains the word "chocolate" in its name. Please take it, Commander.
Player's Birthday Now analyzing the term "birthday" ...Keywords found: date of human separation from mother organism. Searching for similar term... "Rollout date". I see. In that case, Happy Rollout, Commander.