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April 3rd[edit]

April 3rd23:55 GMT+8 ~ April 5th04:00 GMT+8

This is not a delayed April fools joke! This is a public service announcement!

All Mainland game servers (Digital Sky, BiliBili, Mixed Android) will undergo a whole day of maintenance on April 3rd 23:55, game will resume on April 5th 04:00. Following adjustments will be made due to server being physically stopped:

  1. April Daily Login rewards from the 5th to the 30th will be moved one day forward.
  2. Theater mode will be paused for one day, players who have yet to complete the theater game mode reset on the 3rd should make haste and complete everything before the server stops.
  3. Players should also lookout for Electronic Pulse capacity used in Assimilation capture mode, prevent excess being wasted.

-MICA Team April 3rd, 2k20

Further note, the in-game mail with this information comes with the maintenance compensations, be sure to claim it before the server shuts down.