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October 26th[edit]

10:00 GMT+8 ~ 15:00 GMT+8

Patch notes:[edit]

  1. New T-doll for November login reward "T65"
  2. All skins from 2016 halloween event will now be added to "Classic Collection" with 50% rate up! (Also the two furniture sets, "Halloween" and "Autumn")
  3. Back to School event skins are now exchangable for black cards.
  4. New theme for shopping, skins n stuff, coolio, 28th of October to 9th of November
  5. IWS2000 skin available for sale as part of a bundle for the duration of 28th of October to 8th of November
  6. New "Chocolate Life" cryptic puzzle event! (similar to the previous bingo), reward include the new FNC Skin, duration 30th of October til 19th of November
  7. New CVs, gg
  8. Fixed, some bug with 8-2 newly spawned enemy (falling off the map?)
  9. Fixed, stacking enemies in 8-2 (wtf, it's a bug?)
  10. Fixed 9-3E, 9-4E silver medal achievemnt naming and achieving conditions

Other additions to client V1.140[edit]

  1. New Live2D animation for the following fairies: Fortification, Shield, Command, Armor and Golden fairy
  2. 3 New Live2D base backgrounds exchangable for friendship points
  3. New "Cafe" system added, skinned T-dolls now have background lore available for players to inquire (First batch being the 2016 Halloween skins, other ones will be added later date)
  4. Newly added "Spare dorm", spare dorm can hold furnitures and can instantly switch furniture placed within it with any other active dorms
  5. New rating system for T-dolls in the index page
  6. G&K support echelons added, players can deploy NPC G&K support squadrons in certain battles (basically support echelon, but NPC owns it)
  7. New hidden achievements! (fuck...)
  8. New furniture selection tool added, players can now view sets
  9. New function to T-doll skill, forced manual activation, can be toggled at T-doll pages
  10. Now initial skill cooldowns will be displayed at the skills section of T-doll pages
  11. New profile thubs available for purchase
  12. Combat simulation schedules changed
    • EXP Sim: Mon, Thus, Sun -> Wed, Sat, Sun
    • Pills Sim: Tue, Fri, Sun -> Mon, Thus, Sun
    • Data Sim: Wed, Sat, Sun -> Tues, Fri, Sun
  13. Support echelon can now have fairies! update your support echelons to update the attached fairies
  14. Friendly support echelons will now be listed in orders of Operation Effectiveness, added cooldowns to a support echelon after each use
  15. Furniture in active dorms will no longer count as taking up a slot in the furniture warehouse
  16. Animation added for gifting skins to T-dolls
  17. Fixed some active ability/buff stacking issues with certain T-doll/fairy combinations
  18. Unobtained T-dolls in the index will now be displayed as siloettes
  19. Changed phrasing "Ammo chain" to "Ammo Count" (irrelevant to none natives)
  20. Added animation for bullet case ejections for T-dolls that are firing their weapons


Maintenance compensation: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500