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This template is used for a slider made out of thumbnails.


Please remove the parameters that are left blank.

|width = 
|align = 
<div class="jcarousel-item">[[File:exampleimage1.jpg]]</div>
<div class="jcarousel-item">[[File:exampleimage2.jpg]]</div>
<div class="jcarousel-item">[[File:exampleimage3.jpg]]</div>

Parameter list[edit]

width - Width of the slider. e.g. 450 if the series of images are 450px wide
align - To have it float to the right, use floatright. To have it float to the left, use floatleft. To have it centered, use center. To have it without any, use null.
list - For every slide, start a new line and put <div class="jcarousel-item">[[File:exampleimage.jpg]]</div>, substituting exampleimage.jpg with the image you desire.