Story/Singularity/E1-A1 (Part3)/Script

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[After the battle ends...]

AN-94: The computational power of those Dolls has been fully exhausted. If this keeps up, Parapluie might begin to break through my passive barriers.

Ange: Close the connection. I've seen enough. Thank you for your hard work.

AN-94: Understood.

Ange: There'a comms station near point A.

AN-94: Yes, we've been there before.

Ange: That's right. I need to use that comms station and the sattellite communications equipment that we set up previously to contact someone on the outside.
Can you do that?

AN-94: I will.

[AN-94 disconnects.]

Ange: The OGAS system...
It was originally designed by the Soviets as a ternary logic-based automated management system for the entire nation...
Now it's been simplified into the base protocol for controlling Sangvis AIs...
But is that really the case?