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Prologue Scene 1

Agent: I have brought Death to your doorstep.
Agent: Now, open your eyes...
Agent: Look at me, Tactical Doll M4A1, look at me.
Agent: It's time for your finale, and you must stay till the show is over.
M4A1: Cough...
Agent: Interesting. Even the look in your eyes is different from theirs in the face of Death.
Agent: But this is the look I want. Show more shock! More indignation! More hatred!
M4A1: Cough...cough...
Agent: You've stolen something that's very important to Master. Do you think you can just leave?
Agent: I'll kill you first, then your AR Team, and those Griffin T-Dolls still slaving away for
Agent: Very soon, they'll be completely at a loss, like infants who've lost their parents.
Agent: They'll struggle blindly on the battlefield, and fall prey to us...
Agent: You just have to die... And you will, in just a few more seconds!
M16A1: ...Sorry, but she won't be dying here.
Agent: ...!
M16A1: I'll spare you the wait! Go to hell right now,
M16A1: Sangvis scum!

Scene 2

M4A1: Cough...cough...
M16A1: Yeah, thank me. Death's scythe missed you by a hair's breadth yet again.
M4A1: Phew... M16, how is the situation outside? AR-15 and SOP-II are still...
ST AR-15: We're back, but Sangvis reinforcements are here. We have to retreat soon.
M4 SOPMOD II: The backup squad can hold them off for a while. Let's go!
M16A1: M4, you all right issuing commands? You seem to be in pretty bad shape.
M4A1: I am fine...cough... M16, please do some repairs on me. I will run a diagnostic on my command system first.

Scene 3

Ten minutes later...
M4A1: It is fine. The tactical maps are intact. What about the comms system?
Skorpion: Comms are functioning normally! We're hearing you loud and clear!
M4A1: ...I am so sorry, but you will have to bring up the rear.
PPSh-41: No problem, comrade. It's our duty.
M4A1: ...Thank you. We shall finish evacuating as soon as possible.
StG44: Let's move out! AR Team, can you guys see the entire field from where you are?

Scene 4

M4A1: Hmm, I see Sangvis reinforcements fast approaching. Get into position as fast as you can!
PPSh-41: Roger! Griffin back-up squad is ready!
Skorpion: Here we go! I'm not gonna lose to those monsters!
StG44: AR Team, all of us are in position. Get ready to move yourself!
M4A1: Understood. One last check on our destination, then we are moving out!

[view battlefield information]

M4A1: We have to take over this command post and deactivate the alarm at the exit.
ST AR-15: The backup squad can't hold them off forever. We have to hurry!

[echelon moves]

StG44: The first wave of enemies have been annihilated. Thank you for your coordination, M4.
M4A1: No problem. The next attack will come from your flank. Be careful.
PPSh-41: Understood. Get ready for defense maneuvers!
PPSh-41: Phew...
PPSh-41: Papasha here is safe. What about you, Skorpion?
PPSh-41: ...Skorpion? Skorpion VZ61 of Squad S61, please respond!
Skorpion: ...There! I'm done here! That was close!
PPSh-41: Phew... That's great. We managed to fend off the first wave of attack.
StG44: We should've bought a lot of time for the AR Team. Well done guys!

[echelon moves]

Agent: Isn't it too early to sigh in relief?
M4 SOPMOD II: It's that Sangvis! It's here again!
Agent: Killing me once is truly commendable for trash dolls like you.
Agent: This time I'm bringing more dummies. You'll be making their acquaintance soon.
M4A1: Back-up squad, signals of powerful Sangvis units detected! Be careful!
PPSh-41: Roger! Prepare for combat!


StG44: Is it...over...?
Agent: Indeed, Griffin trash.
Agent: Apart from sullying my floor, you've achieved nothing.
StG44: You dirty lumps of sheet metal...should've been thrown out long ago...
Agent: Sadly, your employers didn't realize that until it was too late.
StG44: Soon, the AR Team...will definitely make it out!
Agent: It's no use. You've merely delayed our movements for a short time...
Agent: ...And right now, we have all the time in the world.
PPSh-41: Is that...the best we can do...
Agent: It's over, Griffin leftovers. There's nothing left that you can do.
PPSh-41: No, I...I can still...protect them...
Agent: If you're the only one left to face your friends' broken parts, what can you do for them?
Agent: No rush. We'll see that in no time.

Scene 5

AR Team in retreat.
M4A1: Hailing Griffin back-up squad. How are things on your end?
Skorpion: Run... Go back and find...comman...
Skorpion: ARGHHHHHH!
M4A1: ?! Griffin squad! Are you all right?!
Agent: Still moving, aren't we? But this should be enough to make you drop dead for good.
Agent: ...?!
Skorpion: ...The one that's gonna drop YOU!

Scene 6

The sound of an explosion comes through the comms.
M4A1: ...
M4A1: The cut off...
M4 SOPMOD II: Don't tell me...they...
ST AR-15: ...Dammit!
M16A1: ...Snap out of it, guys. They bought us this chance.
M16A1: M4, seize that command post asap and deactivate the alarm.
M16A1: ...M4?
M4A1: ...?!
M4A1: Ah, understood. We have to...
M4A1: Sorry... I...I am just a little...
M16A1: Remember, we are all just following orders. Just like them.
M4A1: I understand... We must return with the 'data', at all cost...

[echelon moves]

Scene 7

M4 SOPMOD II: Phew... Can we catch our breath yet?
ST AR-15: Not yet! There are still too many of them! We can't make it out!
M16A1: Then let's switch to backup Plan C, just as we've agreed.
M4A1: You mean...I return to Griffin HQ alone and ask for help?
M16A1: Yeah. We'll scatter to draw their fire. That'll buy you some time.
M4A1: But...if that Sangvis is still alive, you'll...!
ST AR-15: Stop dawdling, M4! This is the safest way!
M4 SOPMOD II: That's right, you're our only hope!
M4A1: ...Understood. Be careful.
M16A1: All right! Everyone scatter and draw away the Sangvis troops!
M4A1: I WILL find a dependable field commander. Wait for me.
M4A1: I have to, for everyone's sake.

Scene 8

System Report. No response from Tactical Doll Echelon [AR Team] for an extended period of time.
Persica: ...Call request. Connect to Griffin HQ.
Middle-aged man: Things have been going terribly today. You'd better give me some good news, Persica.
Persica: Good news... The AR Team got the data, but...
Persica: We lost contact with them after they came under Sangvis ambush...
Middle-aged man: (Sighs) ...That's the T-Doll squad most capable of independent operation in all of Griffin, Persica.
Persica: I know... No one knows better than me. That's why we must rescue them as soon as...
Middle-aged man: The area they were headed to isn't under Griffin's jurisdiction. We can't just get in there.
Persica: Is other way? M4A1 and the others...
Middle-aged man: I'll think of something, Persica, but remember...
Middle-aged man:...This time, you owe us one.
Middle-aged man: Helian, tell me which Griffin commander is stationed closest to the area.
Helian: I just looked into it. The commander in Area S09 is a rookie.
Middle-aged man: Well, isn't that just 'splendid'... How much field experience does the rookie have?
Helian: According to the records, the commander has only just...
Helian: ...reported for duty?