Story/Poincare Recurrence/② (Part1)/Script

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Two weeks ago.


???: …

Mrs. Gray: …


After coming to a halt in front of the familiar building, Mrs. Gray reaches into her pocket to produce a lollipop as she looks at the rubble protruding from a pool of sticky black fluid.

Mrs. Gray: ...This place stinks.

White Nyto: Radioactive fluid...It has permeated this far.

The White Nyto behind her follows nervously as Gray strides into the rubble. Her high heels tread on the shattered tiles and the splashed mud almost stains the hem of her slacks.

White Nyto: ...This is too much, even for Lady Narciss

Mrs. Gray: …

Within the next few steps, a strange noise comes from under her feet. It is one of Narciss’ floating blades...or rather, its fragments.

White Nyto: This is… This is one of Lady Narciss’ floating blades, Father’s best work! How could it have…

Glug glug glug…

White Nyto: !

The corners of Gray’s mouth turns up at a mirthful angle, but the ball of candy between her teeth cracks quietly. As the White Nyto picks up the fragment, the filthy water suddenly churns. A black shape emerges from the muck, splashing muddy water over the White Nyto’s face, and the latter instinctively closes her eyes.

White Nyto: Urgh-?!

Her throat is in the firm grip of a severed arm. The mangled limb which has sprung up from the muck, covered in reeking, sticky slime, is unmistakably Narciss’.

Mrs. Gray: A power that could tear Narciss apart…

Gray pays no heed to the Nyto’s struggles as shes thoughtfully studies the surrounding rubble.

White Nyto: Urgh...Guh...Argh

Just as the White Nyto’s tortured breaths are about to cease for good, Gray finally reaches out and pulls the severed arm off her.

White Nyto: (Gasps for air)

Narciss: Dammit...Dammit… Go...To hell…

Narciss’ ruined face rises out of the swamp as she curses incessantly, sending a tremor throughout the swamp. Only her upper body is left, and it is incomplete at that.

White Nyto: L-Lady Narciss!

Mrs. Gray: ...Pathetic.

Narciss: Go...To hell…

White Nyto: ...How could the invincible Lady Narciss have been beaten this badly? ...Damage levels are at 80%...We must return her to the plant for repairs immediately. ...And...Where has Lady Morridow gone? T-There isn’t even a trace of the enemy left behind…

Mrs. Gray: Teacher is no longer here.


White Nyto: … ...They’ve made their move. So what should we do about Big Sister…

Mrs. Gray: … Bring her back and get someone to clean this place up. ...As for the rest, just blow it up.

White Nyto: Understood.

Narciss: Kill you...Kill you all…

White Nyto: …


The mansion is surrounded by Stasi barricade tape. Not even the Berlin police is authorized to investigate this crime scene. Stasi agents can be glimpsed standing watch against trespasses by busybody reporters and other individuals.

J: - I don’t understand. This case has always been mine, so why can’t I investigate it? You came back all of a sudden and took it over without saying a word. And now you have freezing me out? What the hell is wrong with you, Schwaben?

K: ...Calm down, J.

The image of K in the communicator pauses for a moment to choose his words carefully.

K: First of all, opinions in the Ministry are divided on on this case, as I am sure you are already know. While you are certain that it must have been Paradeus who attacked Light and Angelia, that’s not what the scene looks like us. Other than our people, the only remains we found are those of the Soviet Dolls. There isn’t even a trace of these Paradeus forces!

J: So what?! Do you actually believe those stupid bastards, huh?! “Angelica attacked Light and ran off,” is that is?! Do you actually believe that bullshit?!

K: It doesn’t matter what I believe!

K finds himself unconsciously raising his voice to quell J’s hysteria.

K: The problem doesn’t lie with Angelia. There have always been people harboring hostility to the Soviets. It’s not like they appeared out of nowhere, so why are you so surprised? Also, nothing is conclusive right now! Nobody’s got a clear-cut answer!

J: Then let me look into it! This is the last night we have! They’ll be handing over the premises tomorrow, and then there really will be nothing we can do!

K: No!

J: ...Why not?

K: ..This doesn’t matter anymore. Do you understand? Things have become far more complex than we can handle. Rather than pouring resources into investigating Angelia, you should deal with more pressing, more concrete problems.

J: So you’re saying we should just give up on Angelia? And we aren’t even going to inquire into the deaths of those rookies?

K: Yes. That is what our new director intends.

J: (Scoffs) Looks like the new boss is throwing his weight around to show he means business.

J doesn’t even bother hiding his derision.

K: I only want the best for you. This is a sensitive period, so don’t be foolish-

Click – the call ends.

Thud! J squeezes his communicator and pounds the steering wheel.

J: ...Don’t be foolish? You’re the fool here, Schwaben. How can you even shallow that shit… I’m going in today, no matter what, and nobody's going to get in my way.

Even though the Stasi had rushed to the scene right after receiving the alert, they could not keep all news of the incident from leaking out. Fortunately, they managed to keep the clues which could not be publicly revealed a secret, and now the public’s attention is focused on the deceased, with accusing and doubtful voices directed at the government. The loudest of these voices belongs to the renowned news anchor Shadowless.

J: Shadow…

J leans back in his seat, knocking the back of his head against the headrest. Witnessing J’s frustration, one of his accompanying subordinates can’t help but feel worried.

Stasi Agent: ...Boss, are you really going to do this?

J: ...Do I look like I’m kidding?

Stasi Agent: Well, no...But this isn’t your style at all. A Stasi agent sneaking into a building that was sealed off by the Stasi is just too weird… And if they catch us, we won’t be able to get off with just a simple self-reflection essay!

J: You think I don’t know that?! Everything in there is going to be emptied out by tomorrow morning. They won’t even leave a single hair for us to find. Then, all you can do at that point is pray that you can meet God someday and get the answers out of Him!

Stasi Agent: …

J takes a deep breath. After all, there are more and more things to worry about these days, what with the previous director being removed at lightning speed after the mansion incident and the growing tensions inside the country… Frankly speaking, the old J would be the first to get out of the hellhole that Berlin has become. But now…

Stasi Agent: Can’t we just request permission to view the relevant evidence when the time comes?

J: … Nobody knows how the Stasi operate better than I do. If they didn’t let you in at the beginning, they won’t ever let you in afterwards. Look, I’m not going to make things difficult for you...Just leave the door open, I’ll go in myself.

Stasi Agent: ...Got it.

J nods, then puts on a cap that covers his face before opening the door and stepping outside.


...The dead of Light cannot go unanswered.