Story/Normal 9-6 (Part2)/Script

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[The battle with Judge continues.]

M4 SOPMOD II: So… so strong… I can’t even hurt her, she’s nothing like the previous SF dolls!

RO635: The Commander’s forces have wiped out the SF units, so we can delay her until our main force arrives.

Judge: I have to say that being able to mount an attack like that isn’t bad, considering you’re just two dolls.
Before I decide to annihilate you, I’ll ask one more time - where is the doll called M4A1?

M4 SOPMOD II: Well...
I believe she ought to be in the point behind me, putting on her makeup. After all, a lady takes a long time to prepare to meet people, so would you mind waiting?

RO635: Or, you could throw aside your weapons to show your sincerity. Who knows, M4 might even make tea and welcome you!

Judge: …
...So M4A1 isn’t with you.

RO635: …And why are you so sure about that?

Judge: I don’t need your help, Dreamer. Still, I’ll show my gratitude for providing me with information.
Honestly… when I saw two dolls barging straight into my territory, I thought she must have been leading you.
...It would seem this was a wasted trip.

M4 SOPMOD II: Hey! Are you just going to leave like that?

Judge: Why not? If the Mastermind hadn’t ordered me not to use excessive force, I would have blown that big mouth of yours to bits.

M4 SOPMOD II: Where’s M16! Tell me!

Judge: M16?
DIdn’t Dreamer take that old-looking doll away?

M4 SOPMOD II: Dreamer? Where is she!?

Judge: How should I know? I’ve always hated her.
Still, I’d advise you not to anger her. Haphazardly modified dolls like you can’t hope to handle her.
Cherish yourselves, think of it as concern for your M4, and it’ll also make my master very happy.

M4 SOPMOD II: You haven’t finished answering our questions! Get back here!

[Judge deploys jump jets and leaves.]

RO635: Dammit, she’s fast! *cough* SOP2!?

M4 SOPMOD II: Get back here!

RO635: SOP2! Don’t pursue her by yourself! At least wait for the Commander’s echelons to join us...
Dammit! She’s not listening at all! I need to hurry after her!