Story/Normal 9-6 (Part1)/Script

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M4 SOPMOD II: Hah? Am I hearing things?
An SF doll who ambushes people and blocks them from behind is saying that she’s just and fair? Is your digimind on fire or something!?

RO635: Maybe SF ran out of resources to make reliable dolls, so they sent a bunch of weirdos over.
She hasn’t opened fire yet, so maybe it’s just a bluff, or maybe she just rushed over without any weapons...

M4 SOPMOD II: Perfect! I’ll shred her to bits. I’ve already worked it out, 500 pieces will do for a midget like her!

RO635: Hold it, maybe we can learn something about M16 from her, let me do the talking.

M4 SOPMOD II: Oi, what’s there to talk about with SF!?

RO635: What… what if we could learn about M16’s movements? Cover me, I’ll go negotiate with her.

M4 SOPMOD II: Urgh… alright, I’ll do it your way, RO. But if she tries anything funny, I’ll dump my mag on her!

RO635: Leave it to me.
Ah… Sangvis Ferri Model SPSP, commonly known as “Judge”... is that your name?

Judge: …
I told you that just now.

RO635: Maybe we can talk!
There’s no need for an intense battle! Look, I’ve taken my hand off my trigger!
You say you have questions, well so do we! Why don’t we trade answers?

Judge: …
I don’t think I have any answers to give you, and it seems you haven’t grasped the present situation.
The only reason I’m not attacking you is because you have value, so don’t get carried away.
Give me the answers I want and I can let you go.

RO635: Tch… why is everyone from SF like this, I thought she’d be easier to talk to...

M4 SOPMOD II: Hmph, I knew asking would be pointless.
Shorty, Do you know why you’re still standing there in one piece?
That’s because this kind and merciful lady over here forbade me to tear you to bits for the time being… and I mean it when I say “tear you to bits!”

Judge: What.. did you call me?

M4 SOPMOD II: I can bear with it for the time being because our Commander’s forces will wipe out you pathetic SF trash in an instant.
When that time comes, we’re the ones who’ll be doing the asking!
Once we’ve gotten the answers we want out of you, you won’t even be able to scream or cry!
That’s because once your vocalizer systems no longer have value, I’ll rip them out and stick them on my boot as a shock absorber for my feet!
Got that, shorty!?

[A laser beam streaks past SOP2’s ear.]

RO635: That was…!

M4 SOPMOD II: That firepower…!

Judge: My master ordered me to be polite, so I deigned to speak politely to you.
If you could see my neural cloud, you would know how much I want to destroy you.

RO635: SOPII… looks like you well and truly pissed her off.
Trampling her underfoot is still a little...

Judge: I dislike people making fun of my height, be they from SF or Griffin.

RO635: Oi oi, were you focused on your height?

M4 SOPMOD II: Forget about that, she’s coming right for us, get ready to fight!

Judge: A sin is a sin!
I’ll make sure you remember that until you answer my questions!