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[At the same time, at the army banquet.]

Carter: Now, let’s get to the main topic.

Kryuger: I’m listening.

Carter: Since this is a PR op, the army will not be able to dispatch armored units.
As a result, Captain Yegor will be taking 3 specially-trained mixed companies of dolls and humans, and they will be moving out along with Griffin forces.
At the same time, we will open our networks to Griffin, which will allow you to make use of military intelligence systems.

Kryuger: I am glad that we will be sharing information with the army, but I must note that some time ago, SF used a virus called Parapluie to hack our dolls’ systems.

Carter: Yes… I know that, and we’re prepared for it.
I”ll request the use of high-end active-defense systems and use our central server farms to provide electronic defense.
It’s just a virus made by a civilian company in any case, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Kryuger: Mm, it should be fine as long as we have a countermeasure for it.

Carter: According to the information in File 7, we roughly know the location of the mainframes where Lyco stored the AI that he designed.
Our main objective is to eliminate all SF units other than “Elisa” - their mastermind - and recover “Elisa”.
The media will be covering the exercise, and while we have tried to keep the situation under control, Yegor’s unit will not be able to do too much.
Therefore, after establishing a perimeter, we will leave the capture and recovery of Elisa to your dolls.

Kryuger: Understood. I’ll begin the preparation work for the interfacing, while this Commander will handle the finer points of the operation.

Carter: Yes, Commander, this operation will decide whether or not peace will be restored to your sector of responsibility. Please discuss the details with Captain Yegor.
Then I’ll… hm?

[Yegor leans in and whispers something into Carter’s ear.]

Carter: Sorry, but we have something to take care of. Please remain seated. We’ll be right back.

[Carter and Yegor leave.]

Kryuger: Restoring peace… if only it were really like that.

Harvey: What’s this? Starting to doubt the aims of this plan?

Kryuger: Looks like you picked the right time to come back.

Harvey: I’ve greeted everyone I had to, and the chairs down there aren’t as comfortable as the ones up here… same with the people.

[Kryuger looks at the door.]

Harvey: It’ll be fine, Carter’s only coming back in 5 minutes, no need to mind him.
While Griffin has been placing orders with my company all this time, we haven’t had much time to face each other and talk like this, right?

Kryuger: I thought there was a… you know, misunderstanding between us.

Harvey: Ah yes, that’s true, it was a misunderstanding. So let’s talk now. Perhaps we might be able to sort out this “misunderstanding”.