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[After arriving at the army banquet. The surroundings are packed with people.]

???: ...Kryuger-san.

Kryuger: My apologies, you are?

Captain Yegor: Yegor, Captain.
The General ordered me to receive you. Please come with me.

Kryuger: It seems the army’s been pretty busy too, if another kid’s been promoted. Let’s go.

Captain Yegor: Please have a seat.
The General is making a speech and he will be here once he is finished. In the meantime, please wait.


Carter: This joint operation will greatly advance cooperation between the army and PMCs. We will mobilize resources and manpower more efficiently and closely...
To ensure our people will have a safer and more stable living environment…
In addition, this will ensure our economic development and the rebuilding are not affected by interference from the outside world…
We will build a safety network that is capable, coordinated and efficient, making use of civilian companies and their eagerness towards the field of security.
If this pilot operation is a success, we will invest our experience into other fields, to serve as the foundation of our nation’s progress.

Reporter A: Prior to this, the government has already subcontracted the safety of certain outlying regions to certain PMCs. Does this joint operation imply that the army is taking back management authority over these regions?
Carter: We are cooperating with civilian companies in order to better safeguard sectors whose security is somewhat weaker. Sector management authority has always been in the hands of the state, and it is not up to the army to decide whether or not it will be recalled.

Reporter B: Two days ago, the United Nations recently announced that a new country would be joining their ranks. Is this a response to the “United National League” plan?

Carter: I emphasize again that our cooperation with civilian companies is intended to secure the safety of the region, and there is no political context to it. Your question should be directed to a state press conference and not here.

Kryuger: The media’s really hard to handle. Did the General spend the past few days training to deal with the enemy?

Captain Yegor: …

Kryuger: *shrugs* A man who’s careful in his words and deeds. I like subordinates like that, including this Commander here.

Captain Yegor: The General will be right over once he finishes his speech.

[Three minutes later.]

Carter: Sorry for the wait. Dealing with the media was more complicated than I expected.

Kryuger: Didn’t look that way to me. I think you should consider being a spokesman for a company after you retire.

Carter: I’m perfectly satisfied with my pension. I’m too old to be going out and working now.
Speaking of which, well done, Bere. The information you obtained was crucial for us. After this, we’ll

Harvey: That’s right, it was the stepping stone that brought the army in to save you. Very crucial indeed.

Captain Yegor: !

Harvey: Wow… pulling a gun on your superiors’ guests isn’t a good habit to cultivate.

Carter: It’s fine. Put the gun away.

Captain Yegor: Sir.

Carter: I was going to ask how you got in here, but that question would be meaningless to you, wouldn’t it, Harvey?

Harvey: What’s so strange about attending an important dinner hosted by an old friend and a big customer of mine?
Long time no see, Carter, Kryuger-san.

[Harvey extends a hand.]

Kryuger: ...
...Pleased to meet you, Harvey-san.